16 April 2019

DSM Conference – Jeffrey Bonvicin - NATO countries must strengthen the cyber-risks combat

Mihai Draghici

"The North Atlantic Alliance must take some supplementary measures to combat the cyber-risks", stated at the DMS Conference Jeffrey Bonvicin, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory adviser, mentioning that Romania must capitalize its information technology (IT) experts’ abilities.

Image source: Mediafax

“When an enemy launches cyber-attacks”, like perturbing the electricity or water systems, “it must be stopped”, stated Jeffrey Bonvicin, across the “Emergent technologies shaping the rising global system”, organized across the Defence and Security Monitor.

Among the vulnerabilities the American expert pointed out to are the Chinese company’s efforts, Huawei, to build 5G systems in the European Union.

“Data circulation represents intelligence security system’s life”, underlined Jeffrey Bonvicin, mentioning that in Romania the IT education is well-developed.

“NATO must capitalize Romania’s abilities in information technology”, mentioned Jeffrey Bonvicin, calling on strengthening the cyber-security field in Europe.

Jeffrey Bonvicin is a Senior Advisor with the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, based in the Washington, DC area. He began work at PNNL in October 2017, after completing a 32-year career with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) as a Senior Intelligence Officer (SIS). At CIA, he focused on cyber, security, financial intelligence, counter-terrorism, counter-proliferation and counterintelligence issues.