08 October 2019

D.S.M. Conference | Thomas Young: The consolidation procedures of military capabilities should be reconsidered

Mihai Draghici

The consolidation procedures of military capacities should be reconsidered, focusing on the decisional decentralization and the useful necessities, stated, at the Defence and Security Monitor, Dr. Thomas-Durell Young.

Image source: Mediafax

“I would reconsider Romania’s defence from a business perspective”, stated Dr. Thomas Durell Young, mentioning that there is a conceptual “legacy” of communism, for example, the idea that there are not enough funds for defence procurement.

“The questions is how funds are spent, and the answer is a political incoherence”, explained the specialist, arguing that “currently, we must reconsider the way we use the personnel, it must be re-used, which does not cost a thing”.

“People are the most important resource, just like when dealing with businesses”, added Dr. Young.

“And military commanders must create capabilities and performance, but also reaction capacity. I would say that I would rethink the way funds are spent at a useful level. If I were Minister of Defence, I would ask myself how are the money spent if it does not produce any result, which is enemy’s lethality. As political priorities, I would note underfunding’s blockage, and, as for logistics, the necessities must be established by commanders; in fact, the defence system establishes what can be procured, but it all starts from commanders”, underlined Dr. Thomas Young, noticing that in “Eastern Europe, no one made defence capabilities to match the budgetary availabilities”.