08 October 2019

D.S.M. Conference | Silviu Rogobete: We need internal security, but let’s not forget we are part of a larger structure

Andreea Soare

Professor Silviu Rogobete has stated, Thursday, within the Defence and Security Monitor conference that, although we need internal security, we should not forget that we are part of a larger structure.

Image source: Mediafax

“Now, as a state, we are no longer a unique nation, somehow isolated, we are a family, part of a larger geostrategic, political, juridical and military structure”, stated philosophy professor Silviu Rogobete, former consul of Romania to South Africa, within the Defence and Security Monitor. Also, he added: “Internal security is a significant national element, but we should not forget that we are part of a larger structure, as said before, it is the most important guarantor of the defence construction, following the hardcore meaning, the institutional one, therefore, we somehow have our back covered”.

“It is important and relaxing to know that everything is made properly in terms of national security and, therefore, we need long-term explanations, we need to keep these issues up to date”, added Professor Silviu Rogobete.

Moreover, he underlined the importance of national security’s openness towards the academic environment: “Security culture can no longer be limited to national defence institutions. It is important one state’s capacity to gather country’s intelligence and acknowledgment from all fields. As I come from the academic field, I can say we are very open, interested, to contribute to this issue, to solving the security concept development”.

The Defence and Security Monitor organized, on Thursday, at the Marriott Hotel in Bucharest, the Conference on “The national security policy, from strategic thinking to the security and defence institutions”, a debate forum with important guests from Romania and abroad. Among the topics approached at the event, there were the “the fundamental national interests and the threats against the national security”, “Romania’s capacity to provide national security” and the “national security concept of Romania” in an international context.