08 October 2019

D.S.M. Conference | Itai Brun: Before going to war, states need international and internal legitimacy

Mircea Olteanu

Internal and international legitimacy is a key element which is influencing Israel’s national security strategy, but also of other countries, stated the Israeli expert Itai Brun, at the Conference organized by the Defence and Security Monitor.

Image source: Mediafax

Within the conference, Itai Brun was asked by Adrian Sarbu, MEDIAFAX’s director, what is Israeli citizens’ role within the security architecture.

“When war starts, one needs the internal legitimacy, you need the public to support you, partially because they will have to fight, because they are reservists, but, more than that, because for such difficult decisions you need more legitimacy, international and internal legitimacy”, stated brigade general (r) Itai Brun.

“In 1982, when Israel started the First war in Lebanon, the government faced the legitimacy issue. (…) In 1973, we understood that we are fighting for our survival. But in 1982, it was an optional war, with a certain ambition to change the regime in Lebanon, hence part of the public opposed it”, added the expert.

General (r) Itai Brun underlined that: “To end this answer, public’s role is that the government should have the public legitimacy to make decisions during war. This is the reason why the government communicates with the public, for example, within such conferences”.