22 February 2019

Cookies Policy

Mihai Popa

1. Introduction

This “Cookie Policy” applies to all users of www.monitorulapararii.ro website. In the following paragraphs, you will find all the necessary information about cookies’ place, use and administration by MEDIAFAX S.A (as the owner of www.monitorulapararii.ro) when entering this site.

2. The term “cookie/cookies”

The term “cookie/cookies” refers to cookie modules as well as to similar technologies by which information can automatically be collected.

“Internet cookie” (“browser cookie/s” or “HTTP cookie/s” or “cookie/s”) are little text files which are stored on the computer, mobile or other equipment the user is accessing internet with.

Cookies are installed after the webserver issues a demand to a browser (for example: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome). When installed, the cookies have a limited period of existence, staying “passive”, meaning that they do not have software files, glitches and will not enter user’s hard driver information.

Technically, only the webserver which sent the cookies can enter them again, when the user comes back to the internet page associate to that webserver.

3. The purposes cookies are used on our page:

To provide users a better navigation experience as well as services adapted to the needs and interests of each user, like:

  • Usage improvement, including by identifying any error which emerges during users visit/use;
  • According to the accessed services/products, the cookie will anticipate some similar products the user may want, in the future, when accessing our internet page.

Cookies will send a feedback about the internet page it is used, which allows us to take the necessary measures for it to be more effective and accessible for the users.

The functionality of the cookies is to allow us to store some settings/preferences the user has on Internet, like, for example, the “accept of cookies policy”.

4. Cookies duration

Cookies’ duration may be different accordingly to its purpose.

The cookies category determines also its duration:

  • Session cookie- automatically deleted when closing the browser.
  • Permanent cookie- remains stored in the terminal until the expiration date (different, from a few minutes to years) or until the user manually deletes it through the browser settings.

5. Third party cookies

Besides the content that belongs to us, you can also find on our page sections with content provided by third parties, and not MEDIAFAX S.A.

These third cookies providers are forced, on their turn, to follow all the rules regarding Privacy Policy data protection.

6. What cookies are used for on this internet page:

  • Internet’s page performance cookies
  • Publicity cookies
  • Providers publicity cookies

Performance cookies- stores user’s preferences so that their set up is no longer necessary, if the user will ulterior visit the internet page.

Publicity cookies- allow the owner of the website to know if the user sees an online advertise, its duration and how much it passed since its end. These cookies are used to target the online publicity, they are anonymous and are storing information about the content, not the use.

At the moment, www.monitorulapararii.ro  is using these cookies:









Storing the desktop site version/mobile version

1 month

non-secure, non-http



 Site’s functionality

 At the end of the session

 non-secure, non-http






7. Stored and accessed information through cookies

Cookies are keeping the information in a small dimension text file which allows browser’s recognition. These internet page recognizes the browser until cookies’ expiration or elimination.

8. Stopping/limiting cookies

Cookies deactivation or denial can make this internet page difficult to visit, with possible bindings of the usage possibilities.

Users can configurate the browser or refuse the cookies files or accept only certain cookies from an internet page.

The current browsers offer the possibility to change the settings regarding cookies. Usually, these settings can be found on browser’s “Options” or “Preferences”.

Cookies deactivation or refuse does not mean online publicity’s content elimination- but that this will not be adapted accordingly with user’s interests and preferences, as resulted from its navigation behavior.