16 April 2019

Charles Wald, at the DMS Conference: Romania is an important US ally/ East Europe became a central geostrategic area

Mihai Draghici

“Romania is one of US’s most important allies”, stated, across the Defence and Security Monitor (DMS), the American General Charles Wald, underlining that, given Russia and China’s actions, East Europe becomes a central geostrategic area

Image source: Mediafax

“The United States sees Romania as one of the closest allies, one of the most important allies”, stated General Charles Wald, the former US Deputy Commander in Europe, at the DMS conference, that he called “extraordinary forum”, “very important” on geopolitical topics, given the regional and global security configuration modification.

General Charles Wald has pointed out NATO for celebrating 70 years since its foundation, but he also stated that 2019 is “a reflection moment”, given the Brexit crisis, the EU summit from Sibiu, the euro-parliamentary scrutiny and the beginning of the new European Commission mandate.

“South-East Europe became a NATO key-element when talking about defence”, given that “Russia became more aggressive, and China more influent”, underlined General Wald.

“Romania is one of the strongest European allies across NATO”, stated Wald, reminding that Bucharest spends 2% from GDP for defence and acquires Patriot anti-air systems.

General Wald has a significant experience in both military and business ventures and is a highly-regarded subject matter expert in aircraft and weapons procurement and deployment; counterterrorism; national energy and international security policy. During his distinguished career, he served as Deputy Commander, Headquarters U.S. European Command in Stuttgart, Germany, responsible for all U.S. forces operating across 91 countries throughout Europe, Africa, Russia, parts of Asia and Middle East, and most of the Atlantic Ocean.