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April 2020

01 - 02 April Future Armoured Vehicles Situational Awareness


SMi Group are pleased to present the next annual conference in the sell-out portfolio of Armoured Vehicle events: Future Armoured Vehicles Situational Awareness (FAVSA) 2020, taking place in London on the 1st-2nd April. As warfare moves from asymmetric counterinsurgency focused operations, militaries must consider necessary requirements for success in an ever-developing battlefield, often characterised by increased technology and domain convergence. It is therefore increasingly important for militaries to discuss developments in their armoured capabilities in order to match and overcome potential near-peer future threats.

01 - 02 April Military Robotics and Autonomous Systems


SMi Group is proud to announce the third Military Robotics and Autonomous Systems conference in London, 1st and 2nd April 2020. The only event specifically dedicated to robotics in the land environment, MRAS 2020 will give you essential insights into the development and implementation of unmanned and autonomous ground systems from the world’s leading militaries. The topic is becoming increasingly important in discussions about force-generation, force-planning and future acquisition, so it is critical for military professionals and industry experts to understand the rapidly expanding role of military robots within the modern battlespace. Mirroring the British Army’s five RAS priorities of situational awareness, lethality, manoeuvrability, survivability and sustainability, Military Robotics and Autonomous Systems is the only event in 2020 which will enable you to return to your defence force with the latest information and contacts in a game-changing industry.

06 - 08 April Sea-Air-Space National Harbor


Over 200 exhibitors every year make Sea-Air-Space the largest maritime exposition in the U.S. and the largest professional development platform for the Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard. Visitors will find the presentation of latest technology and equipment and have the unique opportunity to get in touch with the players behind military programs and products. The fair is highly valued by the senior military leadership, policy makers, program executives and managers as well as international delegations. With more than 20 military commands directly on one trade show floor, visitors have an increasing opportunity to meet important program managers. On Sea-Air-Space, sea services and the industry have the possibility to discuss future visions. With over 68 participating countries and numerous official delegations, it is an international platform which opens up new networking opportunities. Sea-Air-Space is the major professional development exposition, and is therefore used by the U.S. Navy, the marine corps and the coast guard as a platform to introduce and define policy initiatives and plans.

07 - 09 April Intelligence Analytics 2020


As the cyber battlefield escalates and systems are flooded with information, the ability to mine, process, and analyze the data in a speedy manner and deliver reliable and actionable intelligence becomes a key player to insure advantage against adversaries. Throughout the years, IDGA’s Intelligence Analytics Summit has brought together top leaders from across U.S. Intelligence agencies and from government and military branches to provide a shared platform for information exchange of best practices and leading technologies.

13 - 24 April


To test the activation of the VJTF (Very High Readiness Joint Task Force), the collaborative deployment planning, and the readiness and mounting functions for the VJTF.

20 - 24 April


The NATO Electronic Warfare Force Integration Programme is a means to exercise the NATO designated regional elements of NATO’s Integrated Air and Missile Defence System conducted through the CAOCs (Combined Air Operation Centre) while also including some national systems and assets. It is designed to train Air Command Ramstein and subordinate units on the reporting/ coordination requirements while exposing them to a wide variety of EW (Electronic Warfare) tactics and techniques in a controlled environment.

20 - 22 April


To promote NATO and PfP coordination, enhance relations between air forces in the region and develop interoperability, to exercise rotational Baltic Air Policing (BAP) Quick Reaction Alert (Intercept)(QRA(I)) and regional partner air forces.

23 - 24 April Defence Aviation Safety Conference


The 2nd annual Defence Aviation Safety Conference returns to London in 2020 on the 23rd and 24th of April. As the only event specifically focused on defence safety for the military aviation community, Defence Aviation Safety offers a unique opportunity for leaders and experts to meet and share best practice that will save lives and protect capability. Keeping aircraft airworthy and creating a safety culture across military aviation has never been more important as many defence forces continue to extend the lifecycle of their platforms and systems. Likewise, the growing need for more effective certification processes when onboarding new platforms into service, and maintaining these to the required flying standard, is key to all nations that want to remain prepared for high tempo operations. While the primary focus of this event will be on safety in defence aviation, it will also be of interest to those involved in the acquisition and safe operation of unmanned systems and to those concerned with the certification of all equipment types.

23 - 23 April

The Army Day

25 - 25 April

Military Justice

The Legal Service of the War Minister issued the Decree-law no. 1625/1919, representing the birth of the specialized structure of legal assistance for the armed forces.

27 - 28 April Small Satellites 2020


With the Small Satellites market expected to grow into a $7.53 bn (£5.94 bn) industry by 2022, the ability to deliver connectivity here on the ground through new LEO constellations mantel is already being seriously developed by leading industry and government stakeholders worldwide. As adoption of small, nano and cube satellites constellations has been driven by the commercial market – in particular for COMSATCOM – there is now growing consensus that architectures of military systems can and must include architecture that will support LEO solution provision. With this in mind, SMi are delighted to announce the inaugural Small Satellites conference in London from the 27th – 28th April 2020 which will explore economies of scale, small satellite production and design, regulatory considerations in the increasingly congested domain and key programme updates from across leading space agencies, militaries and commercial solution providers.

29 - 30 April Military Space Situational Awareness 2020


SMi Group are proud to announce, the 15th annual Military Space Situational Awareness Conference will return to London on the 29th and 30th April 2020. Part of SMi’s newly launched Space Week - held in conjunction with a Small Satellites Conference (April 27th - 28th), to provide a holistic view of the new space environment.

29 - 29 April

The Day of War Veterans

The Day of War Veterans was established by Government Decision No. 1222/2007 to be celebrated anually on April 29, in honor of all Romanian troops that fought and paid with their lives for the defence of independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Romania during the two world wars.

29 April - 01 May


To exercise through peacetime live and synthetic SAR (Sea Air Rescue) scenarios essential cross-region cooperation/interaction between military and civilian Rescue Coordination Centres and mobile SAR units.

30 - 30 April

The Day of the Infantry

According to the Adrianople Treaty, between Russia and Turkey, the Romanian Countries get their right to organize “a number of armed guards” i.e. their own military power; on April 30, 1830 they decided to form six Infantry Battalions and six Horse Squadrons, in Walachia. These forces ment the creation of 3 joint Regiments: one in Bucharest, one in Ploiesti and one in Craiova. In Moldavia they formed an Infantry Battalion and a Cavalry Squadron forming the first joint Regiment, in Iasi garrison.

30 - 30 April

The Day of the Logistics

May 2020

15 - 15 May

The Day of the CBRN Troops

By the Ministerial Decision no. 297/May 15, 1923, was established the Committee for Technical Issues on the Chemical War within the Ministry of War. The name of the structure was changed in Section VI of Combat Gas (September 1923), the Service of Defence against the Combat Gas (1925), the Chemical Service Directorate (1931).

15 - 15 May

The Day of the Military Police

According to the Defence Minister’s Order, on May 15, 1990 the Military Police units and sub-units were established within the Romanian armed forces.

20 - 20 May

The Day of the Military Finacial Service

31 - 31 May

The Day of Military Engineers

On May 31, 1859, Alexandru Ioan Cuza approved the Report no. 1902 of the Moldavian Government for "the establishment and maintenance of an Engineering Battalion necessary for the establishment of public works”. It is the birth day for the first Engineering unit within the Romanian armed forces.

31 - 31 May

Day of the Reservist

The Day of the Reservist was established through Romanian Government Decision No. 467 of May 2010. As provided by this decision, public institutions of the defence, public order and national security system can support, in compliance with the laws in force, the events organized at this date.

June 2020

10 - 10 June

The Day of the Military Paratroopers

On June 10, 1941 by the Order D.M. 93/1941 the first Paratroopers sub-unit was established – the Company of Special Missions– commanded by Lieutenant Stefan Soverth.

18 - 18 June

The Day of the Military Builders

On June 18, 1920 they established the Directorate of Buildings and Military Domains.

26 - 26 June

The Day of the National Flag

The National Flag Day was established by Law No. 96/1998, to be held annually on June 26. The Ministry of National Defence and the Ministry of the Interior organize military ceremonies in units across the country while public authorities and other civil institutions celebrate the day through various festive activities.

July 2020

01 - 01 July

The Day of the Military Bands

As provided by the “Organic regulations” of 1/13 July 1831, “musician soldiers” (a band comprising 1 drum, 24 musicians and 8 drummers) became part of and started their service in the Permanent National Army.

13 - 13 July

The Day of the Military Speciality “Electronic Warfare”

14 - 14 July

The Day of the Military Communications

On July 14, 1873 was established the first Communications sub-unit – the Telegraphy Section, marking the beginning of the Military Communications

15 - 15 July

The Day of Submarines Crew

20 - 20 July

The Day of Aviation and the Air Force

23 - 23 July

The Day of the Military Press

The first issue of the “Observatorul militar” weekly appeared on July 23, 1859.

25 - 25 July

The Day of the Radiolocation

By the National Defence Minister’s Order of July 25, 1955 the Radio-Technical Troops was established.

26 - 26 July

The Day of the Military Archives

On July 26, 1920 by Order no. 4 of the General Staff, the Archives of the 6th History Section of the General Staff was established.

29 - 29 July

The Day of the National Anthem

The Day of the National Anthem was established by Law No. 99/1998 to be celebrated every year on July 29.

August 2020

01 - 01 August

The Day of the Tank Troops

In 1919 the first Tank unit was established.

01 - 01 August

The day of EOD

15 - 15 August

The Day of the Naval Forces

21 - 21 August

The Day of the Military Medicine

On August 21, 1862 by the High Decree no. 4629 the Corps of Medical Officers was established within the armed forces, thus the Military Medicine being certified as the specialized service.

September 2020

01 - 01 September

The Day of the Military Information Technology

On September 1, 1963 by the Order of the General Staff, the Group of Automatics within the Procurement General Directorate was established – the first body with attributions of conception, coordination and endowment in military Informatics and Automation.

04 - 04 September

The Day of the Military Typographers

19 - 19 September

Day of Artillery and Anti-Air Missile

On September 19, 1916 the first Anti-Air Artillery sub-unit was established in Bucharest.

October 2020

01 - 01 October

The Day of the Military Divers



The contemporary world is confronted with an ever-increasing number of international issues that cannot be exclusively managed at state-level. Countries are called to seek collective approaches to address these challenges, diplomacy being an essential component in their endeavors. Most of these global problems endanger critical infrastructures, and need continuous attention which translates into incessant international cooperation in dealing with them. New types of diplomacy, such as cyber and CIP diplomacy are being created in response to the changing needs of our interconnected, digitalized society, generating the need to examine and explore the developments of this new strand of the diplomatic process. In the information-saturated 21st century, the most compelling narrative is set to win the day. Moreover, diplomats are not only spending more of their time in cyberspace, they are also, should the need arise, conducting an increasing amount of their activities outside the headquarters, often in conditions of substantial insecurity or serious underdevelopment.

09 - 09 October

The Day of Human Resources

20 - 20 October

The Day of Military Pensions

25 - 25 October

The Day of the Romanian Armed Forces

30 - 30 October

The Day of Military Public Relations

November 2020

03 - 03 November

The Day of the Mountain Troops

By Order M.C.G.R. no. 294 of November 3/16, 1916 the Skiing Military School – Bucharest was transformed in the Mountain Corps (commanded by Captain Virgil Badulescu). “The Mountain Troops mainly had missions of reconnaissance, security and liaison and they also had to function as a tactical unit, especially in the Carpathian passes”.

08 - 08 November

The Day of Armed Forces Procurement

10 - 10 November

The Day of the Artillery

In 1843, Prince Gheorghe Bibescu returning from a trip to Istanbul brought 4 guns of 80 mm, a present from the Turkish Sultan as a sign of appreciation, “in order to preserve the order and peace of the people”. On November 10, 1943 the first Artillery Battery within the Romanian forces was created by Order no. 198 .

11 - 11 November

The Veterans` Day

Veterans’ Day was established by Law No. 150 of 22.10.2014, modifying and completing OUG No. 82/2006 for the acknowledgement of the merits of military personnel participating in military actions and providing them and their descendants certain rights. November 11 is a day chosen for its significance, the day the armistice was signed between the Allies of World War I and Germany to end World War 1 and create the premises of the Great Union in Romania, on December 1, 1918. This way, Romania joined Australia, Canada and the Unites States of America as well as other states of Europe in showing its gratitude for the soldiers who returned from missions and commemorate its heroes on November 11.

12 - 12 November

The Defence Staff Day

12 - 12 November

The Day of Military Geodesy

In 1859 the Military Topographic Service was established.

12 - 12 November

The Day of the Reconnaissance Troops

On November 12, 1859 Ruller Alexandru Ioan Cuza signed the Order of the day no. 83 working establishment of the 2nd Section within the Corps of the General Staff, as the first organized element of the Romanian Reconnaissance.

15 - 15 November

The Day of Military Divers and 39 Divers Centre

16 - 16 November

The Day of the Military Trasportation

On November 16, 1880 when the 2nd Engineering Battalion was established (High Decree no. 2550) a Railway Company, the first sub-units in the Romanian armed forces were also established.

29 - 29 November

The Day of the Marines

December 2020

14 - 14 December

The Day of the Military Operations

15 - 15 December

The Day of National Military Club

The National Military Club is one of the oldest Romanian military institutions, as old as the independence of the country. On December 15, 1876, on the eve of the independence war of 1877-1878, in full Eastern crisis that would result in major changes in the configuration of South-Eastern Europe, the general assembly of the officers in Bucharest, the largest in the country, decided to adopt the statutes that would become the birth certificate of the National Military Club.

27 - 27 December

The Day of the PsyOps Center