Event Calendar

November 2019

03 November The Day of the Mountain Troops


By Order M.C.G.R. no. 294 of November 3/16, 1916 the Skiing Military School – Bucharest was transformed in the Mountain Corps (commanded by Captain Virgil Badulescu). “The Mountain Troops mainly had missions of reconnaissance, security and liaison and they also had to function as a tactical unit, especially in the Carpathian passes”.

05 - 07 November ISR & C2 Battle Management


The ISR and C2 Battle Management USA conference serves as a landmark strategic forum for the Five Eyes partners, bringing more than 150 representatives from DoD, Navy, Army, Air Force and Joint Staffs together with defense industry leaders. It is part of Defence IQ’s world-leading ISR portfolio, the overall aim of which is to deliver and to sustain a decisive information and decision advantage for combat forces across every warfighting domain – from space to cyberspace, from air to the seabed.



SMi Group are proud to announce the 21st annual Global MilSatCom conference and exhibition will return to London on the 5th – 7th November 2019: providing comprehensive overview of how allied partners are working to maintain and sustain space superiority. Hosted over 3 inclusive days Global MilSatCom is once again set against sweeping developments for numerous national sovereign SATCOM programmes; in particular, the development of the host nations SKYNET constellation – but also across key allied programmes such as WGS, SATCOMbw, MUOS, SICRAL and SYRACUSE.

05 - 13 November RS KLT 2 (Resolute Support Key Leader Training 2) 19 (NATO)


To prepare Key Leaders for their role and responsibilities prior their deployment to Resolute Support Mission (RSM), including team building.

05 - 14 November TRIDENT JUPITER 19 -1 (NATO)


TRJU19 is Article 5 high intensity operation exercises to train the NRF (NATO Response Force) package and evaluate the NRF20 Component Commands planning and conducting a force entry operation, involving appropriate regional NATO C2 and NNEs (non-NATO entities).

07 - 07 November Eurogroup


In regular format starting at 15:00h, the Eurogroup is expected to discuss: Thematic discussion on growth and jobs – Investment and innovation Miscellaneous a) Selection process to appoint a new ECB executive board member b) Commission presentation of the Autumn Economic Forecast In inclusive format starting at 16:00h, the Eurogroup is expected to discuss: ESM Treaty. November Package Interim reporting from the High-Level-Working Group (HLWG) on a European Deposit Insurance Scheme (EDIS) Debrief on the Budgetary Instrument for Competitiveness and Convergence (BICC) follow-up

07 - 12 November RAMSTEIN GUARD 11 19 (NATO)


The NATO Electronic Warfare Force Integration Programme is a means to exercise the NATO designated regional elements of NATO’s Integrated Air and Missile Defence System conducted through the CAOCs (Combined Air Operation Center) while also including some national systems and assets. It is designed to train Air Command Ramstein and subordinate units on the reporting/ coordination requirements while exposing them to a wide variety of EW (Electronic Warfare) tactics and techniques in a controlled environment.

10 - 14 November GRIFFIN FORCE II 2019 (NATO Force Structure Exercise)


EX GRFE II-19 aims to test, improve and integrate the RSOM (Reception, Staging and Onward Movement) procedures for VJTF (Very High Readiness Joint Task Force ) and to build up a close relationship between HQ's, incoming forces and all other enablers.

10 - 10 November Spanish General Election


The November 2019 Spanish general election will be held on Sunday, 10 November 2019, to elect the 14th Cortes Generales of the Kingdom of Spain. All 350 seats in the Congress of Deputies will be up for election, as well as 208 of 265 seats in the Senate.

10 November The Day of the Artillery


In 1843, Prince Gheorghe Bibescu returning from a trip to Istanbul brought 4 guns of 80 mm, a present from the Turkish Sultan as a sign of appreciation, “in order to preserve the order and peace of the people”. On November 10, 1943 the first Artillery Battery within the Romanian forces was created by Order no. 198 .

11 November The Veterans` Day


Veterans’ Day was established by Law No. 150 of 22.10.2014, modifying and completing OUG No. 82/2006 for the acknowledgement of the merits of military personnel participating in military actions and providing them and their descendants certain rights. November 11 is a day chosen for its significance, the day the armistice was signed between the Allies of World War I and Germany to end World War 1 and create the premises of the Great Union in Romania, on December 1, 1918. This way, Romania joined Australia, Canada and the Unites States of America as well as other states of Europe in showing its gratitude for the soldiers who returned from missions and commemorate its heroes on November 11.

11 - 12 November Foreign Affairs Council


Current affairs The Foreign Affairs Council will start with a discussion on current affairs, allowing ministers to review pressing issues on the international agenda. Ministers are expected to touch upon Venezuela following the international solidarity conference on the Venezuelan refugee and migrant crisis (28-29 October). They are also expected to discuss Turkey, including its military action in north-east Syria, as a follow-up to the conclusions adopted by the Council and European Council, respectively on 14 and 17-18 October.

11 - 13 November CBRN Summit & Live Exercise


the Geneva CBRN Summit and Live Exercise, held with support from the Republic and Canton of Geneva and the Federal Department of Defence, Civil Protection and Sport, will bring together leading security professionals and industry leaders to address current CBRN threat trends, the latest technological and doctrinal procedures for improving detection, verification and decontamination of hazardous materials, and a live joint exercise demonstration that will emphasise the importance of interoperability at every level to determine an effective and unified response.

11 - 16 November DYNAMIC BONUS 19 2 (NATO)


To prepare and train MARCOM to be ready as an HQ to perform MCC (Maritime Component Command) duties in MJO+ (major joint operations).

12 - 14 November International Fighter Conference 2019


The International Fighter Conference 2019 returns to Berlin to discuss the future of Combat Air Power across the spectrum of operations. The conference format runs 12-14 November with the 14 November comprising a day of focus sessions: a dedicated morning for smaller air forces to examine the Ford vs. Ferrari debate and a focus afternoon, evaluating the role of disruptive technologies in future airpower delivery.



SMi’s 5th annual Future Armoured Vehicles Survivability conference and Active Protection Systems Focus Day will return to London between the 12th- 14th November 2019. As the only armoured vehicle conference dedicated to the area of survivability, the 2019 event will gather programme managers, capability directors, and commanders from the military, and senior engineers, chief scientists, and platform managers from leading solution providers to discuss what nations are doing to protect their armoured vehicles and their personnel.

12 - 12 November Foreign Affairs Council (Defence)


Agenda highlights Security and defence issues Defence ministers will discuss security and defence issues, with a particular focus on PESCO (Permanent Structured Cooperation) and its coherence with other defence initiatives. The Council is expected to adopt 13 new PESCO projects

12 November The Day of the Reconnaissance Troops


By Order of the Day no. 83 of November 12/14, 1859 Ruler Alexandru Ioan Cuza signed the document concerning the establishment of the 2nd Section within the Corps of the General Staff, as the first organized element of the Romanian Reconnaissance branch.

12 November The Day of Military Geodesy


In 1859 the Military Topographic Service was established.

13 - 14 November NATO-Industry Forum 2019


The NATO-Industry Forum is the primary venue for strategic dialogue with industry on NATO capability planning and development. Sponsored by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, the Forum is co-organised by the Supreme Allied Commander Transformation, General André Lanata, and the NATO Assistant Secretary General for Defence Investment, Camille Grand.

16 November The Day of the Military Trasportation


On November 16, 1880 when the 2nd Engineering Battalion was established (High Decree no. 2550) a Railway Company, the first sub-units in the Romanian armed forces were also established.

17 - 17 November Belarusian parliamentary election


The 110 members of the House of Representatives are elected from single-member constituencies by first-past-the-post voting

17 - 21 November DUBAI AIRSHOW


The 2019 show will build on the overwhelming success of the last event which drew 79,380 trade visitors from around the world, 1,200 exhibitors from 63 countries, 1,603 international and regional media and an order book in excess of $113.8 billion.

18 - 20 November DSEI Japan


DSEI Japan is set to be the first fully integrated defence event to be held in Japan, marking the first time a “DSEI”-branded event has been held outside of London.



SMi is proud to present the 3rd Annual Maritime Information Warfare conference, taking place on the 18th-19th November 2019, in London. With rapid technological advances changing the way maritime forces utilise and manage information, the ability to wage information warfare has become a critical component of naval capability. Gaining operational effectiveness through "information advantage" is critical to the abilities of any Navy on the world stage. The programme engages with the cutting edge of information warfare in the maritime environment. In particular, speakers will explore the lessons and inspiration from exercises across NATO, in particular the Royal Navy's Exercise Information Warrior.

18 - 21 November DEFENSE & SECURITY 2019 - Thailand


DEFENSE & SECURITY 2019 will focus on regional cooperation and business partnerships for a more united and effective response regarding disaster management, cyber security, anti-terrorism and defence production. The show has a rich history of partnering with multinational corporations, manufacturers, delegations, military decision-makers and related government officials - especially from ASEAN. has proved to be the ideal venue and business platform for enhancing cooperation and partnership between global manufacturers, delegations, military decision-makers and related government officials - especially from ASEAN.

18 - 23 November CYBER COALITION 19 (NATO)


While the exercise objectives may change, the exercise itself will be based on a scenario which involves significantly increased cyber threats and activities, but should remain below the NATO crisis threshold. The exercise objectives will always reflect a cyber defence exercise with emphasis on decision-making processes, technical and operational procedures, and collaboration between all participants.

19 - 20 November Smarter Border Management


Smarter Border Management is the leading forum for the border management community and the question of how to secure our borders has never been more critical. According to Accenture, annual international passenger numbers globally are set to double to 7.3 billion by 2034. Freight volume is projected to double by 2030, and net migration to Western countries is estimated to mushroom to 98 million by 2050. Coupled with the continued threat of terrorist activities within our borders, trends of increasing migration and traveller movement, and the ever-growing e-commerce market, border management is at the forefront of the international agenda. Today, border agencies are being asked to process an ever-increasing flow of passengers and goods, often with a decreasing budget for their operations. Within this context, it is clear that the future of cross-border travel and trade is dependent on the increased roll out and capability of automated border control, biometric identification and large scale information systems.

19 - 21 November Military Flight Training USA


MFT USA is back and proud to be bringing together a community of 100+ Training Program Managers, Instructors, Industry and Academy Experts and Executives as we discuss challenges at the forefront of pilot training. Driven by modernization and innovation this year's topics, themes speakers and attendees will be aligned to key priorities, recommendations and requests from US and international stakeholders in the community. Critical Discussions will take place on: Pilot retention and overcoming the pilot shortage Defining the right balance between live and synthetic training Integrating emerging technology and VR to enhance pilot capabilities Cost effective training and addressing the challenges of downloading and offloading Developing the skills for our Next Generation of Fighter, Rotary and RPA pilots

19 - 21 November Future Indirect Fires Eastern Europe


Defence IQ is proud to host the third annual Future Indirect Fires Eastern Europe conference which will be held this year in Tallinn, Estonia from 19-21 November. Centred on the unique security challenges in Eastern Europe, this event has established itself as the leading conference for Indirect Fires experts across the NATO Alliance and beyond. Putting the spotlight on NATO’s Eastern Flank, Future Indirect Fires Eastern Europe will provide a platform for military leaders, technical specialists and industry experts to discuss the issues that will define success in the years to come in this region of special strategic importance.

20 - 22 November Homeland Security Week 2019


We are thrilled to invite you all to an exciting 14th annual Homeland Security Week 2019 (HSW). This year we are taking the event to the heart of downtown Washington D.C. at the Grand Hyatt Washington. With the rise of national security threats both domestic and foreign, forums like HSW play a vital role in acting as a catalyst that spurs partnerships, discussions and knowledge sharing between law enforcement agencies, industry and academia.



SMi is proud to present the 9th annual Social Media in the Defence and Military Sector conference, taking place on the 20th and 21st November in London, United Kingdom. Social Media has become an increasingly vital tool for the Armed Forces in the 21st Century. Not only in order to reach out to a wider and younger audience globally for recruitment and information purposes but as a new front in warfare. What soldiers, airmen, and sailors post online can be crucial to winning the hearts and minds of local populations, weakening the enemy’s narrative, and as an instrument in the proliferation of cyber warfare. This year's conference will focus on cyber defence, operational use of social media, individual nations' and organisations' social media campaigns, open-source intelligence gathering, and much more!

25 - 26 November Military Logistics & Procurement Jordan 2019


IQPC is excited to be working with the Jordanian Armed Forces and their allies to organise the Military Logistics & Procurement Jordan 2019 taking place from 25-26 November 2019. In the unfortunate scenario of extensive military operations the logistics and support function of the armed forces is the most crucial to ensure successful outcomes and provide with a winning battle edge. Based on the local topography all ground (with the exception of rail), naval and air transport is set to be used to move troops and equipment during operations.

26 - 27 November Berlin Security Conference


The congress and exhibition, held every autumn since 2001 in Berlin, draw about 1 200 participants from European and non-European countries, the European institutions, and NATO. The 18th Berlin Security Conference will take place at the Vienna House Andel’s Berlin on 26 and 27 November 2019. The Berlin Security Conference is organised by the Behörden Spiegel, Germany’s leading independent civil service newspaper. The event is free of any government influence. It is not supported by public budgets and is therefore at liberty to take a neutral and objective stance. The many participants appreciate this independence.

December 2019

15 December The Day of the National Military Club


The National Military Club is one of the oldest Romanian military institutions, as old as the independence of the country. On December 15, 1876, on the eve of the independence war of 1877-1878, in full Eastern crisis that would result in major changes in the configuration of South-Eastern Europe, the general assembly of the officers in Bucharest, the largest in the country, decided to adopt the statutes that would become the birth certificate of the National Military Club.