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September 2018

01 September

Military Informaticians Day

03 - 20 September Ample Strike 2018


The offical site of the 22.Základna Vrtulníkového Letectva (22.zL) base at Námest nad Oslavou the www.lznamest.army.cz, confirmed that the Ample Strike International Exercise to be held in the Czech Republic from the 3rd of september till the 20th of september at Námest nad Oslavou. Col. Zdeněk Gabriel, the Director of Exercise confirmed the following participants: “….the Czech L-159 ALCA, L-39 ZA and JAS-39 Gripen, Mil Mi-24/35 and Mi-171 helicopters. Participation also promised from Lithuanian with the L-39, German LearJet and EF 2000 Eutofighter, Polish Su-22, Slovenian PC-9. The Netherlands is considering the participation with a LearJet, the United States for the time being considering the possible involvement of the AH-64 Apache helicopters or F-16s. The United Kingdom will come with the Hawk and promise to provide a simulator for training flight guides.”

03 - 06 September 18th World Summit on Counter-Terrorism, Herzliya, Israel


The International Institute for Counter-Terrorism's (ICT's) 18th World Summit on Counter-Terrorism will take place on September 3-6, 2018. The conference will convene for two days of Plenary Sessions, on September 3 and September 4, 2018 (held at the Sharon hotel, Herzliya, Israel), and two days of Workshop Sessions, on September 5 - 6, 2018 (held at the IDC Herzliya, Israel). ICT's annual international conference is the largest and one of the most influential events in the field of counter-terrorism today. The conference is a vital opportunity for high-profile experts from diverse background of disciplines to establish professional relationships and serves as a platform for the formation of international cooperation. Over 1,000 top decision-makers, defense, intelligence and police officials, prominent academic scholars and security industry leaders from over 60 countries take part in the world summit on counter-terrorism.

04 September

Military Printers Day

04 - 06 September LAND FORCES 2018, Australia, Indo-Asia-Pacific


Presented in collaboration with the Australian Army, LAND FORCES 2018 is an international industry exposition to showcase equipment, technology and services for the armies of Australia and the Indo-Asia-Pacific. The region boasts some of the fastest-growing economies in the world, bringing prosperity and better lives to billions of people. But growing threats, including those presented by non-state actors, mean the demand for defence technology to safeguard the region's prosperity and security has never been greater. In 2014, the combined defence budgets of the nations making up the Asia and Indo-Pacific region amounted to US$183 billion. Australia is strategically positioned within the Indo-Pacific region. The world's only island continent, Australia bridges the Pacific and Indian Oceans. A leading and influential country within the region, Australia is a major trading nation with a highly developed and technologically advanced economy. The Australian Defence Force is amongst the most respected and influential in the region. In particular, the Australian Army has strong ties with the armies of the Indo-Pacific. It is frequently involved in joint training exercises and the exchange of personnel. Its acquisition decisions, assessments and technology are noted throughout the region. Australia's defence forces are embarking on a period of significant acquisition and modernisation with acquisition projects worth more than AUD$190 billion planned for the next decade. The ADF is planning to spend more than AUD$56 billion on land force equipment, services and new combat capabilities. Other armies throughout the Indo-Pacific region are embarking upon similar upgrades, with many seeking to acquire or enhance a wide range of capabilities, including amphibious ships and watercraft, helicopters, armoured and utility vehicles, ISR, small arms and unmanned systems. LAND FORCES 2018 will be the essential event to access army and land defence decisionmakers and to connect with military, government, scientific and industry leaders from Australia and the Indo-Asia-Pacific region.

05 - 05 September The 2nd Annual Defense News Conference, Ritz-Carlton, pentagon City, US


The Defense News Conference will bring together military leadership and defense experts to dig into a defense strategy where the end game far differs from that of years past, articulating what that means for procurement, technology development and international cooperation. Topics that will be covered: Military system modernization Global cooperation, global competition The nuclear triad and modern deterrence Training in an era of hybrid warfare Future military technology and innovation

17 - 19 September Global ID Summit, New York


Driven by factors such as the growing demand for government initiatives to innovate and enhance operations and security, the Global ID Summit, co-organized with INTERPOL will bring you a comprehensive view on the challenges at the forefront of national and global security operations, policy and procurements. Don’t miss your chance to join an audience comprised of 200+ Secretaries, Directors of Security Agencies, Heads of Acquisition, Biometric Program Managers, Academia and Industry Experts from the U.S. and International partners, to hear more about governments across the world who are adopting biometric technologies for access authorization, identification and verification, e-passport management and more. Current advances and topics will take place on: • Establishing global standards and requirements for integrating identity systems • Securing borders with mobile biometrics and automation • Leveraging iris, fingerprint, facial, voice, rapid DNA and identification tools and applications to enhance law enforcement operations • Best practices for building private public partnershipsq • Investing in infrastructure to enhance real time collection, processing and analysis of information

17 - 27 September Night Hawk 2018


The aim of Ex NH18 is to train and assess the Special Operations Task Groups and Special Operations Air Task Group level with all subordinate elements in Full Spectrum Special Operations in a realistic tactical scenario enabling training of maritime, land and air special operations and integration. The Ex is organised by DNK SOCOM and will be conducted over the whole territory of Denmark. Ex NH18 is an exercise “by invitation only”.

17 - 19 September 14th annual Military Airlift Conference, London, UK


This established forum brings together leaders from the international airlift community, providing a platform for sharing ideas, discussing shared challenges and creating a marketplace for exploring airlift solutions. Airlift is a sector of our industry in constant development; over the next 10 years, more than 800 new military airlifters are set to be delivered at a value of $65 Billion. Research from the Joint Air Power Competency Centre, as well as many government publications has highlighted Europe's strategicairlift requirement gap; a reality which has engendered substantial commitments to increase airlift capacity from European nations. This was arguably first demonstrated during Operation Unified Protector over Libya in 2011, which demonstrated Europe's reliance on the US for airlift capacity, particularly with regards to air-to-air refueling. A key theme for 2018 is the collaborative effort to deliver strategic airlift, particularly across Europe. Expert speakers will share their knowledge and experience around developing airlift capabilities that are fully aligned with their operational requirements, within cost-constrained environments, and whilst continually adapting to regulatory changes. Conference sessions will also focus on how militaries, multi-national organisations and NGO’s are best able to incorporate air-chartering, joint procurement, MRO, air-to-air refueling and pooling and sharing to improve operational airlift capability. Military Airlift 2018 is therefore the essential platform for our industry, featuring comprehensive discussions and executive level presentations. We invite you to explore the website to view the agenda and the speaker faculty, as it updates over the coming weeks.

18 - 19 September 5th Annual Industrial Control Cybersecurity USA


Protecting essential services and control systems networks are imperative and in many cases neglected in relation to embedded systems in modern architecture. The proliferation and advancement of operational technologies and the Internet of Things, the convergence of IT and OT have enhanced operational efficiency but paradoxically has increased the attack surface exponentially across the critical national infrastructure. Now in its 5th year, the Cyber Senate Industrial Control Cyber Security and Resilience USA conference will take place on September 18/19th in Sacramento California. This two day executive forum will include presentations, roundtable working groups and panel sessions. Together we will address the escalating cyber risk and resilience challenges associated with the adoption and convergence of operational technologies in enterprise facing architecture. Practitioners will gain further insight into how to best respond to evolving cyber threats, the importance of effective risk management throughout the supply chain, innovations in detection and mitigation, configuration management and how can we incorporate resilience into critical control system components and business process.

19 September

Artillery and Anti-Aerial Day

19 - 21 September The Full Spectrum Air Defence International conference, Zurich, Switzerland


As the world’s military returns to conventional warfighting roles, air defence has once again become the first line of defence for the world’s armed forces. With new ballistic capabilities being developed by near-peer adversaries in Eastern Europe and Asia, major advances already witnessed in cruise missile systems, and the proliferation of UAV’s across all size and classes, the need to rapidly evolve air defence systems has become a necessity across all defence forces. Building upon the previous success of the Integrated Air and Missile Defence conference as the chosen forum for the international air defence community, the Full Spectrum Air Defence International has been built in response to the military need to consider the total operating environment. Designed to expand the conversation to address the full scale, and range, of air defence, the conference will determine strategy, integrate technology and define approaches for international cooperation and integration across the full spectrum of air defence, with briefings from key decision makers from strategic air defence commands and capability demonstrations from leading industry partners in air defence. With ever increasing threats from state and non-state actors alike, the need for an immediate global response has never been greater. The Full Spectrum Air Defence International conference will take place 19-21 September in Zurich.

19 - 23 September AFRICA AEROSPACE&DEFENCE AAD2018, South Africa


The Africa Aerospace and Defence (AAD) is Africa’s only aerospace and defence expo that combines both a trade exhibition and an air show. Held biennially in the City of Tshwane – South Africa’s administrative capital, the AAD Expo is one of South Africa’s largest contributors to the country’s GDP in show years, and is regarded as a national asset.

24 - 25 September Disruptive Technology for Defence Transformation 2018, London, UK


The accelerating speed of technological development is profoundly changing the nature of warfare as we know it. To gain advantage, the military must look to adopt civilian/commercial innovation models, integrating the likes of artificial intelligence, additive manufacturing and predictive analytics to enhance capability. Disruptive Technology for Defence Transformation 2018 returns to London on the 24th-25th September to explore the disruptive technologies that will shape the future joint force of 2035 and beyond. Join us as we bring together leaders in the defence and technology sectors to explore how the top five major capability areas can be transformed by combinations of data, processing, connectivity, robotics, autonomy, and machine learning. Network with senior leaders in the armed forces, large technology solution providers, SMEs, research analysts and academia, and gain the knowledge and tools to navigate the future operating system.

24 - 25 September The 6th Annual C4ISR Summit 2018, Kuwait


With militaries and critical infrastructure across the GCC combatting asymmetrical threats, the way to achieve and maintain tactical superiority is to enhance C4ISR capabilities. Assets need to be strategically empowered to digitally capture, disseminate and retrieve data to drive joint operations across land, sea, water and space. We are pleased to organise the 6th Annual C4ISR Summit from 24-25 September 2018 in Kuwait. The summit will address key topics pertaining to convergence and operational implications of C4ISR modernisation, keeping up with the velocity of technological developments and lowering ISR costs without affecting actionable intelligence capabilities.

25 - 27 September 15th annual Maritime Global Conference Rome, Italy


Over the past fifteen years the Maritime ISR Global symposium has built a reputation as a key strategic forum for thought leaders in the ISR and maritime communities to address their operational challenges and acquisition interests, from national level maritime policy to naval ISR concept development and programme design. The event brings together 150 representatives from all over the world and seeks to encourage greater cooperation and trust-building between military allies and partners, civil agencies, and industry. This year’s agenda is ‘Domain Awareness & Decision Advantage, from the Seabed to Space’. Over three days, senior naval and acquisition leaders will be sharing their perspectives on the trends and threats transforming the maritime environment today and consider how these will ultimately change the nature and employment of allied ISR capabilities tomorrow. By bringing together thought leaders from across NATO and its partner nations, we hope to build a rich and expansive dialogue on the most critical needs of the maritime ISR community: domain awareness, safety, freedom of manoeuvre, and decision-making advantage.

25 - 27 September 13th Annual Offshore Patrol Vessels International 2018, London, UK


Offshore Patrol Vessels 2018 will examine the platform across its life cycle. As the maritime security environment grows increasingly complex, OPV users require an updated assessment of the role the patrol vessel should play. Can it step up to support the broader battle fleet in a higher intensity conflict scenario, in addition to its conventional role? If so, what might the implications of such a role might be for the design, deployment and sustainment of the future platform? Split across three days, OPV 2018 will undertake to answer one question: how can the OPV sustain its relevance in the future operating environment? At the granular level, the conference agenda will examine the OPV across its life cycle. Topics will include design modularity, through-life management and modernisation, automation, combat systems, communications systems, unmanned platform integration and multi-mission readiness. The forum looks to identify opportunities for collaborative capability development, and targets an OPV blueprint which is interoperable at a technical and tactical level.

25 - 26 September Armoured Vehicles Eastern Europe, Bucharest, Romania


We’re seeing the highest defence spending since the Cold War in Eastern Europe according to Jane’s Defense Budgets Report, with predictions that the region will see the fastest defence spending growth in the world in 2018 . Of particular note, Europe has emerged as the leading spender globally in the military ground vehicle market. In addition to an ongoing migrant crisis, Europe is at pains to guard itself against a resurgent Russian threat, following its intervention in Ukraine 4 years ago. Given the versatility of roles, speed and mobility that armoured vehicles can provide an armed force, it is therefore unsurprising that Eastern Bloc nations are prioritising the modernisation of their mechanised units. Tailored to the challenges of the region, Armoured Vehicles Eastern Europe provides a platform for the discussion of armoured vehicle deployment, procurement, cooperation, and sustainment. Over the past 5 years the conference has established itself as the regions annual meeting for Commanders of Mechanised and Armoured Units, acquisition experts and capability development specialists, alongside a wider NATO colleagues from North America and Western Europe. Officially supported by the Armaments Department of Romania, the meeting will take place between 25 – 26 September 2018.

25 - 27 September The 3rd Azerbaijan International Defence Exhibition, ADEX 2018, Baku Expo Center


The 3rd Azerbaijan International Defence Exhibition, ADEX 2018 will be held at Baku Expo Centre in the capital of Azerbaijan from the 25th to the 27th of September. This large-scale event enjoys the status of a major regional exposition of weapons and military equipment; ADEX 2018 is a grand display of modern weaponry and equipment, where the force and power of Azerbaijan’s military and industrial complex is showcased. President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Mr. Ilham Aliyev is a constant visitor to the ADEX exhibitions which are held on the initiative of the Ministry of Defence Industry of the Republic of Azerbaijan and supported by the Ministry of Defence of Azerbaijan. The exhibition will be organised by Caspian Event Organisers, CEO. This year’s exhibition will bring together more than 209 companies from 32 countries worldwide and will occupy three pavilions and an outdoor area of Baku Expo Centre. The national groups from Azerbaijan, Turkey, Russia, Israel, the Republic of Belarus, Serbia, Ukraine, Pakistan, France and other countries will participate at the ADEX 2018 exhibition. This year a number of countries have increased the scale of their national expositions; for example, Turkey’s pavilion is 30 percent larger than it was back in 2016. The leading companies of the defence sector from Italy, Bulgaria, China, the Netherlands, Lithuania and other countries are among participants of ADEX 2018. The third hall of Baku Expo Centre will host the pavilion of the Ministry of the Defence Industry of the Republic of Azerbaijan, where the most recent armaments and military equipment of local production will be on display. Here, the industry professionals will be able to get acquainted with the new products of Azerbaijan’s defence complex and witness both the current and growing capabilities of the Armed Forces of Azerbaijan. Moreover, this year’s newcomers from Azerbaijan are the science and technology company Vitta, High Tech Park (ANAS), Service Centre for Armament and Military Equipment of Air Defence. The media also shows great interest in the exhibition. Information support for the exhibition is provided by over 60 leading international and local specialized media - magazines, websites, and news agencies. The general information partner of the exhibition is IHS Jane's Defence Weekly (UK), and the official online diary of the exhibition is Army Recognition (Belgium), while the official Media partner is the Azeri Defence magazine (Azerbaijan). There are an increased number of entities and organisations that demonstrate military and dual-use products at ADEX; the number of exhibits also shows an increase. Thus, ADEX 2018 will represent the following sectors: Air Defence (AD) and Missile Defence (MD) Systems; Military Shipbuilding; Development and Upgrade of Weapons Systems; Military Research; UAV Systems; Robotic Systems; Small Arms, Ammunition and Accoutrements; Demilitarization Systems; Missile and Artillery Rounds; MLRS; Electro-optical and Laser Technology; Armoured Vehicles; Submarines; Cyber-security of Naval Forces; EW & C4ISR Systems; Machinery and Equipment of Railway Troops; Technology and Equipment for Manufacture, Maintenance and Disposal of Weapons, and many more. Alongside the other sectors, this year’s exhibition will widely feature the military aviation industry sector where famous corporations such as MIG, TUSAS, Leonardo, United Aircraft Corporation (UAC), Motor Sich, Russian Helicopters and Aeronautics Group will participate. As is tradition, the business programme of ADEX 2018 will be rich in thematic events with informative and eye-catching content; these events include presentations in the field of innovative research, developments and technology in the field of national defence and security and will create ample opportunities for bilateral meetings with heads of line ministries, foreign military delegations, manufacturing companies and customers. Thus, the ADEX 2018 exhibition will serve as an ideal platform for demonstrating the latest weapons and concluding new agreements in the area of international military and technical cooperation. The exhibition will be held at Baku Expo Centre.

25 September

General Assembly, General debate - Seventy-third session, New York (TBC)

26 - 28 September Future Indirect Fire, Lawton, Oklahoma


NATO defines indirect fire as "Fire delivered at a target which cannot be seen by the aimer." Indirect fire is most commonly associated with field artillery and is also used in regards to mortars. The US Armed Forces are fearful of causing too many civilian casualties and missing desired threats, which pose significant risks to life in combat environments. The more precise the weapons are, the less shots are fired and the less shots returned on them. In addition, the US Armed Forces are mindful of the possibility of being overmatched in this capability, with near peers holding advantages in terms of distance and precision. With indirect fires' growing precision and lethality remaining of utmost importance, our conference will enable attendees to: GOVERNMENT AND ACTIVE MILITARY ATTEND FOR FREE Discuss achieving greater integration of artillery and mortars pieces into the joint fires environment; Identify future increases in the mobiility of artillery and mortars for future rapid response deployment; Hear from experts on the need to increase effectiveness of artillery guns, ammunition and target systems, range, scalability, destruction, accuracy, and target acquisition; Connect with vendors from around the country; Network with a variety of public- and private sector figures to determine future practices Join us at this timely event to review burgeoning initiatives and successes in indirect fires technology and discuss what steps can be taken to deliver more effective indirect fire capabilities.

26 - 28 September UAV Technology Eastern Europe Conference, Prague, Czech Republic


Following last years’ successes, SMi’s third annual UAV Technology conference returns to Prague this September. UAVs now more than ever play a pivotal role as a tactical and operational tool for the Armed Forces. SMi's UAV Technology conference will aim to examine and bring solutions to this specific piece of equipment and how to better utilise it during missions. Moreover, SMi will bring together a community of experts, friends and allies to share information and strengthen relationships. This reflects the growing need of nations, armed forces and industries to come together in order to achieve higher levels of capabilities. Attend UAV Technology 2018 to gain insights into the rapid proliferation of technology and how national Armed Forces and Law Enforcement agencies are developing their unmanned airborne capabilities to meet a new array of requirements. This event will also include numerous briefings on the emerging necessity of countering UAVs and available technologies of doing so. Attending this conference will mean to not only have a clear understanding of UAV and counter-UAV but to have a chance to be part of a community of leaders and experts that will impact the growth of these technological assets.

26 - 28 September Asian Defense & Security (ADAS) 2018 - 3rd Defense, Security and Crisis Management Exhibition and Conference, Manila, Philippines


Following the very successful launch in 2014, the second edition in the Series, ADAS 2016 achieved even greater success, and grew by 42%, reaffirming its position as The Philippines’ Flagship Defense and Security Event. ADAS 2018 will again attract a significant number of international exhibitors from around the world to Manila in 2018. As Organizers we are delighted to be working closely with the Department of National Defense, the Armed Forces of the Philippines, the Philippine National Police, the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) and the Office for Transportation Security to meet participating exhibitors in the Show in order to fully evaluate their ongoing requirements regarding their latest upgrades and future modernization plans.

26 September

General Assembly, International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons, New York

27 - 29 September Bucharest Security Conference,(the third edition), Athene Palace Hilton


The National University of Political Studies and Public Administration (SNSPA) will organize, on 27-29 September 2018, the third edition of the Bucharest Security Conference, the largest international conference in Romania that addresses the most recent security developments and evolving threats on the Euro-Atlantic frontier and NATO’s decisions to respond to them. On the one hand, the conference starts from the premise that the security environment of the region evolves in the global context and requires cooperative approaches. Events with an international impact such as Russia’s intentions and actions on the Euro Atlantic frontier in the East, NATO’s Enhanced Forward Presence, the Brexit and the 2017 “National Security Strategy” of the USA prove that the road is open for evolutions that may change some critical characteristics of the security situation in Eastern and Central Europe. In this context, BSC fosters debate and transparency in order to support allied efforts to meet evolving threats. On the other hand, the evolution of the relationship between the European Union and the North Atlantic Alliance becomes more and more relevant in the future. The EU-NATO declaration from Warsaw and the implementation of the decisions stipulated are extremely important. The decisions taken at the Brussells NATO Summit from May 2017 and EU Summit from June, represent a marking point for the future relations between the two organizations, as well as the B9 Format Summit in 2018 and the NATO Summit in July 2018 . Moreover, we deal with a paradigm shift in the military field, generated by the evolution of conflict typologies in the contemporary period. On one side there is the hybrid war which requires quick and adapted response measures/means, though on the other side there is the need of adaptation, from interventions specialized on hostile environment (Afghanistan case), to classic operations (Ukraine case).

October 2018

01 October

Military Divers Day

01 - 03 October NANOP 2018 - Nanophotonics and Micro/Nano Optics International Conference, Rome, Italy


Nanophotonics in the last years is showing clearly its inclusive nature. Several disciplines are taking advantages in using novel tools derived from the astonishing progress in Nanophotonics, for exploring novel fundamental properties of materials on different length scale. The optical methods, both experimental and theoretical, are ubiquitous in several fields facilitating the development of a common language even for disciplines considered far, just a few years ago. This third edition of NANOP confirms a broad topics list with the aim of bridging the macro with the molecular world.

01 - 02 October Defence Safety Conference, London, UK


The SMi Defence Safety Conference will take place in London on the 1st and 2nd of October 2018. Featuring high level briefings from senior leaders from 10 nations and covering the broad spectrum of safety across Military Aviation, Land and Maritime, the Defence Safety Conference will aim to reduce avoidable deaths, improve protection of capability and preserve the reputation of those that operate, supply and support defence services. Additionally, the conference will allow senior military, key international government agencies and industry with responsibility for defence safety to participate, collaborate and share experiences and best practice. The Defence Safety Authority (DSA) will actively participate in and support this event in London. The DSA seek to enhance capability; it is an independent body, established to undertake the roles of Safety Regulator, Accident Investigator and Defence Authority, operating across the major Defence domains. The goal is to enhance operational effectiveness and reputation by increasing Safety and reducing Defence risk.

08 - 10 October Electronic Warfare GCC - Exhibition, Abu Dhabi, UAE


Electronic Warfare GCC returns to the region for the sixth edition Reflecting the changes emerging in the Middle East, EW GCC 2018 is morphing from a conference-led event to an EW technology exhibition only. More emphasis is being placed on future EW & Cyber technologies and their capability in the electronic spectrum. As a consequence, current, new and ground-breaking technologies and their component parts will be on show with live demonstrations. The event will shine a particularly bright spotlight on six core elements: EW Capability Exhibition Keynote Arena Component Showcase – NEW Interactive Workshops - NEW Cyber Range Exercise – NEW Live Counter-Drone Demonstrations – NEW

09 October

Human Resources Day

09 - 11 October OPV Middle East 2018,The Ritz-Carlton Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


The region’s largest and most successful Offshore Patrol Vessels event in the Middle East will be held in Saudi Arabia under the exclusive patronage of H.R.H. Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, Crown Prince, First Deputy Prime Minister & Minister of Defense, Saudi Arabia, and the official support of Royal Saudi Naval Forces and Ministry of Defense, Saudi Arabia. With massive procurement opportunities in Saudi Arabia in line with their Vision 2030 Programme and Saudi Navy Expansion Programme II (SNEP2), this will be a great opportunity for you to get face-time with the senior-most naval officers in the Kingdom. Some of the maritime and coastal security leaders speaking at the event: Vice Admiral Fahad Bin Abdullah Al Ghofaily,Commander, Royal Saudi Naval Forces Vice Admiral (Lieutenant General) Awad Al – Balawi, Director General, Saudi Border Guards Rear Admiral Aurangzeb Chowdhury, Director General, Bangladesh Coast Guard Brigadier General Darren Cole, Director of Deployment and Distribution Operations Center, United States Central Command Vice Admiral Giuseppe Cavo Dragone, Commander, Joint Operational Command

09 - 12 October XV International specialized exhibition "Arms and Security - 2018", Kyiv, Ukraine


The exhibition conducting on the eve of the Day of Defender of Ukraine will have not only a great practical but also social significance. The exhibition "Arms and Security" is a unique tool for the deepening of military and military‑technical cooperation with foreign partners, to strengthen domestic economic potential and for the union of all Ukrainian citizens, regardless of gender, nationality or religion, around the idea of building a new strong and prosperous Ukraine. For any country, the possibility to hold a large‑scale defence and security forum determined by the position in the global weapons market, by the level of development of its scientific and technological base and defense industry. Since 2004, the success of the exhibition "Arms and Security" has been a testament to the high authority of the national scientific and industrial complex in the design and manufacture of new types of weapons, military and special equipment, the quality of which has been repeatedly tested in real conditions, as well as position in the TOP-10 countries exporters of weapons, approved Ukraine's right to have a large‑scale international forum for armorers. Using the experience of the leading foreign arms shows, the exhibition "Arms and Security" also is organized in format of 2 main parts: - WEAPONS AND EQUIPMENT FOR ARMY AND LAW ENFORCEMENT - ARMS FOR CIVILIANS Within the military part of the exhibition will be featured such segments as: - Armament and personal equipment of soldiers on the battlefield; - Equipment and weapons for Land forces; - Armament and equipment for law enforcement bodies; - Means of border control; - Military aviation. Exposition of civil products will be traditionally featured by the most varied range (in the price range and the number of world famous brands) of hunting, sporting, historical and bladed weapons, and related products for hunting and outdoor activity including tactical goods. Taking into account the huge need for rearmament of the national armed forces and other military formations, our country is gradually turning into a powerful market of arms and military equipment, while remaining an export‑oriented country. In this context, the Ukrainian defense companies need to obtain the latest technology and the mutual exchange of technological and technical ideas with foreign companies from the partner countries of Ukraine. Here, Ukraine is ready to develop military‑technical cooperation, in close conjunction with foreign companies both in the interests of national security and defense, and in the interests of third countries. With this in mind, the exhibition "Arms and Security" also demonstrates the process of implementation of NATO standards in the production of military products. In exhibition pavilions there is a possibility to provide a demonstration of natural samples of large size military hardware, and provide the highest level of exposition construction, comfortable working conditions, delegations reception, holding the conferences, meetings, receptions and other exhibitions.

10 - 11 October the 7th annual Military Flight Training conference, London UK


This event will focus on fast jet, rotary, and fixed wing training, as well as the latest national approaches to pilot development and technological advances to synthetic and live training programmes. As air operations continuously change in the face of new threats, the training and preparation pilots go through must mirror these adjustments and constantly prepare for dynamic airspace hazards. Recent changes in geopolitical tendencies require militaries to effectively train and project a powerful airborne presence. Join SMi in London to discuss the latest national approaches to training future military pilots and the tools used to produce world-class aircrew, ready to face threats to national security, search and rescue operations, humanitarian aid, etc. Our leading military speakers will be discussing training programmes and tactics covering fast jet, rotary wing, and fixed wing platforms, as well as the use of new simulators in the training process. Benefit from a leading military speaker line up and their experience pertaining to flight training programmes and systems Hear the military perspectives underlining the economic move towards synthetic training and advanced simulators Understand the need to keep military flight training and capabilities as up to date as possible in the face of new and evolving threats Integrate novel training techniques while using legacy equipment to ensure full operational capabilities

18 - 19 October

European Council, Bruxelles

20 October

Military Pension Day

22 - 24 October The 13th Annual Homeland Security Week, Maryland, US


We are living during complex times with growing advancements in technology alongside the global presence of evolving terrorists operations. Homeland Security Week has been designed to provide the necessary dialogue to help drive homeland security initiatives to protect our homeland. The 13th Annual Homeland Security Week will bring together 250+ individuals ranging from DHS officials, industry executives, elected officials, and academia from across the U.S. and global stakeholders to discuss the challenges at the forefront of homeland security operations, policy and procurement's. Key themes running throughout the summit include: GOVERNMENT AND ACTIVE MILITARY ATTEND FOR FREE Border Management and Surveillance Cyber Security Critical Infrastructure Processing, Exploiting and Disseminating Intelligence and ISR Platforms Counter Terrorism and Safe Cities With interactive discussion groups and panels you will have the opportunity to be a part of the summit sharing your expertise whilst learning about the DHS, TSA, CBP, FEMA (just to name a few) agencies priorities, strategies, requirements and future operations.

23 - 26 October EURONAVAL, Paris Le Bourget


The world meeting of naval technologies for the future

23 - 24 October The 3rd Annual Air Missile Technology Conference, Prague


3rd Annual Air Missile Defence Technology conference taking place in Prague on the 23rd and 24th October 2018. With today’s militaries facing multiple, simultaneous and varied threats, operators have crucial requirements for flexible and adaptable systems that are able to counter the ever changing battlespace environment. In conjuncture with this, constrained budgets mean the importance of allied cooperation is more prevalent than ever and interoperability between systems and national partners is crucial for any future planning. This is evident with the spread of the Aegis Ashore missile network, NATO Integrated Missile Defence (NIAMD) system and, on a bi-lateral level, Project Apollo. This year’s Air Missile Defence Technology conference will provide the perfect forum to assist the learning and development of Air Missile Defence OEMs, system integrators, niche component manufacturers, technical engineers, programme managers, and platform operators through briefing and panel discussions focusing on the latest national developments and technical innovations.

23 - 23 October Airborne-isr and the Land environment user workshop, London, UK


This workshop will be an exploration of the impact of accessing airborne ISR for the Land Environment User, whether Dismounted or Mounted. This session will explore the impact on doctrine and the new capabilities that may arise from technological advances that allow the greater exploitation of ISR product at the tactical edge.

24 - 26 October Unmanned Maritime Systems, Norfolk, VA


Hear from key thought leaders in Unmanned Maritime Systems, including the latest requirements for Surface and Undersea systems. Understand Operational Requirements and Priorities for Unmanned Systems Employment Gain Insight on Current State of DoD Programs, Upcoming Decisions and Future Acquisitions Discuss Key Capabilities for UUVs, Counter Mine, Anti Submarine Warfare, Persistent Tracking and ISR

24 - 25 October Airborne ISR Conference, London UK


In today’s complex and ever changing operational environment, the demand for increased situational awareness continues to grow. As a decisive and indispensable tool, air based ISTAR is increasingly relied upon to deliver this capability, allowing commanders to understand the situation on the ground and act accordingly. As this need to effectively develop information superiority grows, it is essential that modern joint operations maintain effective surveillance of enemy positions from the air. With both manned and unmanned ISR assets growing in complexity and capability there is a critical need for a forum within which optronics, power, sensor suites and operational reliability of these platforms can be discussed. With that in mind, the SMi Group are delighted to host in London the fourth annual Airborne ISR conference – with Leonardo and Rafael Defence Systems announcing their support for the event. Whether you wish to hear from leading ISR platform programme manager, technical experts involved in BLOS data links, officers delivering new optronics and sensor suites or insight into the latest power and engine performance – Airborne ISR 2018 will provide you with the solutions to maximise your future capability. Covering direction, collection, process, dissemination and targeting, Airborne ISR aims to thoroughly analyse the intelligence chain and deliberate best practice for the enhancement of ISTAR capability. Drawing on respective nations ISTAR structure, operational feedback and training, to explore the doctrines and strategy necessary to develop this vital asset. Importantly, the conference will also benefit from the guidance of technical leaders from research and industry, whose insight into the latest platforms, systems and sub-systems will provide greater awareness of existing and future capability for the modern operator.

25 October

Romanian Army Day

25 October - 07 November Trident Juncture 2018 NATO Exercise, Norway


With more than 30 Allies and partners participating, it will be one of the biggest NATO exercises in recent years. It will take place in Norway, on land, sea and in the airspace, in October and November. The exercise is designed to make sure that NATO forces are trained, able to operate together, and ready to respond to any threat from any direction. Trident Juncture 18 is one of a series of long-planned exercises to ensure that NATO Allies are ready to deal with any emerging crisis from any direction, and that they are able to work effectively with partners in tackling any crisis. It’s one of the largest exercises we have, although it’s not the only exercise; most of you will be familiar with other exercises that we run in various domains, including table-top exercises. This is part of NATO’s continuing response to the changed security environment, and of our adaptation to it. And in addition to all the Allies, a number of partners taking part, including Finland and Sweden. This will train and demonstrate NATO’s ability to work with two close and important partners. As with all NATO exercises, Trident Juncture 18 has been planned in open, transparent and predictable way. International observers will be invited, as they are to all major Allied exercises; this is through the Vienna Document process.

30 October

Military Public Relations Day

30 - 31 October Armored Vehicles Asia 2018 Conference, Bangkok, Thailand


Asia-Pacific - seen by most analysts as driving the future of the armoured vehicles market over the next ten years – the annual Armoured Vehicles Asia conference will take place in Bangkok, Thailand for the first time in its 9 year history. Rapid growth of the Asia-Pacific market can be attributed to the increasing indigenous R&D activities undertaken develop advanced designs of hybrid armored vehicles for enhanced border and maritime patrolling or ISR functions. Threats of cross-border terrorism, growing economies and subsequent increased military expenditures are driving demand for light or medium-sized armored vehicles. Tailored to local challenges, the conference will provide a platform for the discussion of armoured vehicle deployment, procurement, cooperation, and sustainment within the Asia-Pacific - attracting commanders of mechanised and armoured infantry, acquisition specialists and security experts from across the region. Officially Supported by the Defence Technology Institute of Thailand

November 2018

03 November

Mountain Hunters Day

06 - 08 November International Civil and Military Helicopter Technology & Operations Exhibition 2018, Dubai South, Dubai, UAE


he biennial Helicopter Technology & Operations Exhibition launched in 2004 and held under the Patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Ruler of Dubai, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates. Dubai HeliShow is a perfect platform for the international helicopter community to meet and interact with prospective customers including State delegates and trade visitors from the Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC), the whole Middle East, the Indian sub Continent and Africa. With a focus on the future development of the Dubai HeliShow we are delighted to announce the Al Maktoum Airport, Dubai South will be hosting the 7th edition on 6th, 7th, and 8th November 2018. The new venue is the home of the world’s largest airport in the making and landmark event Dubai Expo 2020.

06 - 07 November the 2nd Annula Aviation Cyber Security and Resilience Summit (AVCIP2018), London United Kingdom


Protecting essential services and control systems networks in the aviation sector is imperative and in many cases neglected in relation to embedded systems in modern architecture. The proliferation and advancement of operational technologies and the Internet of Things, the convergence of IT and OT have enhanced operational efficiency but paradoxically has increased the attack surface exponentially across all critical national infrastructure. Now in its 2nd year, the Cyber Senate Aviation Cyber Security and Resilience Summit (AVCIP2018) will take place on 6th and 7th in London United Kingdom 2018. This two-day executive forum will include presentations, roundtable working groups and panel sessions. Together we will address the escalating cyber risk and resilience challenges associated with the adoption and convergence of operational technologies in enterprise facing architecture. Practitioners will gain further insight into how to best respond to evolving cyber threats, the importance of effective risk management throughout the aviation supply chain, innovations in detection and mitigation, configuration management and how can we incorporate resilience into critical control system components and business process.

06 - 08 November The 20th annual Global MilSatCom conference and exhibition London, UK


the 20th annual Global MilSatCom conference and exhibition will return to London on the 6th- 8th November 2018 covering the latest crucial developments across the military satellite sector in-depth. As ‘the final frontier’ continues to become ever more contested, congested and competitive the future of terrestrial operations is increasingly defined by developments in the fourth domain. With this in mind, and as space becomes ever more complex, Europe’s leading military satellite event will return to discuss key challenges and opportunities at this crucial time. Analysing vital themes within the SATCOM community, this year’s event will delve into constellation capacity and robustness, SATCOM on-the-move and the growing efforts to harmonise interoperability of platforms – as well as hearing key national updates from around the globe including the UK MoD’s Skynet 6 programme. New to this year: a dedicated pre-conference focus day on 5th November 2018 exploring the rise of disruptive technologies, including the impact small satellite constellations and new launch providers will have for the military community. With over 500 attendees, 4 networking receptions and over 7 hours of networking, Global MilSatCom remains the key diary date for anyone within the military space domain.

07 - 09 November Synthetic and Simulation Training


The Synthetic and Simulation Training summit will discuss the current and future direction and utilization of virtual training & simulation technologies throughout the Military, Academia, Commercial Aviation, and Gaming sectors to ultimately allow military leaders the ability to plan, prepare, execute, and assess training events through minimal time, money, and people. The Army is looking to collaborate with cross functional teams, industry, and academia to develop the synthetic training environment (STE) and streamline the acquisition process. Through thought leadership and technology demonstrations, the summit will provide direction and support for moving forward with STE advancements, improved acquisition processes, and finding an inexpensive requirements development process. Additionally, the summit will cover next steps for our current virtual Combined Arms Tactical Trainers which require high-overhead, are mainly facilities based, and have a very limited global terrain capability. We are excited to cover tactics and solutions that will allow units to conduct training on the terrain they will eventually fight on.

07 - 10 November INDO DEFENCE 2018 EXPO & FORUM, Jakarta, Indonesia


The 8th Indonesia’s Official Tri-Service Defence Event INDO DEFENCE 2018 EXPO & FORUM - The Indonesia’s No. 1 Tri-Service Defence event will be held at Jakarta International Expo Kemayoran, Indonesia From 7 – 10 November 2018. Hosted by the Ministry of Defence, INDO DEFENCE 2018 Expo & Forum is recognized as the indispendable place to be, learn, network and do business. Held concurrently with The 6th INDO AEROSPACE 2018 Expo & Forum featuring The 3rd Indo Helicopter 2018 Expo & Forum and the 5th INDO MARINE 2018 Expo & Forum, the expo will be the biggest Indonesian’s No.1 Defence Industry Event. For 4 action-packed days, you also have the opportunity to attend the international conference, free technical product presentation, live product demonstration and network with industry experts.

08 November

Military Endowment Day

10 November

Artillery Day

11 November

Veterans Day

12 November

Major State of Defence Day

12 November

Military Scouts Day

12 November

Military Geodesists Day

13 - 15 November The 4th Annual Future Armoured Vehicles Survivability, Conference, Exhibition, London, UK


SMi's 4th Annual Future Armoured Vehicles Survivability Conference, Exhibition and Focus Day returns to London between the 13th and 15th of November 2018. As the only event purely dedicated to the area of vehicle protection, Future Armoured Vehicles Survivability 2018 will deliver a strong focus on the relationship between current requirements, emerging technologies and how these might be leveraged to enhance force protection. Building on 2017’s focus day, SMi will host an exclusive pre-conference Active Protection Systems focus day on the 13th November, dedicated to this important capability. At the meeting, experts from the most forward-thinking nations will deliberate on the best way to integrate APS, the architectures necessary to support integration, efforts to ensure system safety, STANAG 4686 standardisation and much more. The focus day will guarantee the support of technical experts from leading solution providers, covering the latest hard/soft kill systems, sensors, data processing, munitions and countermeasures. On 14th-15th November, the two-day conference will aim to further cover the core areas of survivability in detail, exploring the latest platforms, vehicle architectures, active/passive protection, mobility, counter-IED, un-manned/autonomous solutions, signature management and stealth. NEW FOR 2018: Benefit from briefings on the protection of armoured platforms and crews from chemical, biological, nuclear, and radiological threats (CBRN). Presentations delivered by ECBC and DE&S. SMi's 2017 conference featured over 185 attendees from 88 different organisations all meeting to advance the survivability of military armoured vehicles and examine the very latest capabilities and technologies available to protect troops in mounted platforms. The 2017 Focus Day heard presentations from The UK MoD (ICARUS and MEDUSA), US Army, USMC, Czech Armed Forces, TNO, FFI. It also hosted industry briefings from Raytheon, Rheinmetall ADS, IMI Systems, RADA Electronics and ABBS.

16 November

Military Transports Day

19 November

Conference of the Hight Contracting Parties to the Protocol V to the Convention on Prohibitions on the Use of Certain Conventional Weapons, Twelfth Conference of Hight Contracting Parties, New York (TBC)

26 - 27 November 2nd annual Maritime Information Warfare Conference, London, UK


2nd annual Maritime Information Warfare Conference returning to London this November on the 26th and 27th of November. As data and information drive operational advantage there is now a need for improved leadership and ownership across maritime information exploitation.Therefore, collection, dissemination and optimisation of maritime data is driving change and improvement across an array of naval systems. Used across the joint environment, this will allow increased decision making in real time and the growth of machine learnt influence over naval platforms and systems.The conference will enable attendees to meet senior Navy Leaders and Maritime Defence Agencies from around the world. Key Topics will include: Information Exploitation Artificial Intelligence Autonomous Systems Cyber Security ISR Big Data C4I Open Source Intelligence Gathering

28 - 29 November Cyber Warfare in the Maritime Domain - Workshop, London, UK


With greater utilisation of information comes the need for protection of information systems and networks. Cyber security is a key aspect of Maritime Information Warfare, and navies are increasingly recognising the need to develop effective cyber security practices to maintain naval superiority. As the maritime domain becomes ever more information-centric, the cyber battlespace grows. Therefore, the need to tackle vulnerabilities to cyber threats is a mission critical consideration for navies today. This workshop will provide an overview of the operational challenges and opportunities in organising cyber defence of naval assets, and a comprehensive coverage of recent developments in cyber security strategy and concepts.

28 - 29 November The 8th Social Media within the Military and Defence Sector Conference, London, UK


the 8th annual Social Media in the Defence and Military Sector conference, taking place on the 28th and 29th November in London, United Kingdom. Social Media has become an increasingly vital tool for the Armed Forces in the 21st Century. Not only in order to reach out to a wider and younger audience globally for recruitment and information purposes but as a new front in warfare. What soldiers, airmen, and sailors post online can be crucial to winning the hearts and minds of local populations, weakening the enemy’s narrative, and as an instrument in the proliferation of cyber warfare. This year's conference will focus on cyber defence, operational use of social media, individual nations' and organisations' social media campaigns, open-source intelligence gathering, and much more!

28 - 30 November MAST Indo-Asia 2018, Conference/Exhibition, New Delhi, India


MAST Communications is a privately-held UK-based company whose owner (Warren Edge) has over twenty years’ experience in launching and running events in numerous sectors, not least defence, delivering highly personalised international trade-shows, conferences and seminars for senior-level defence and security operators and technologists. Particularly focused on Undersea, Surface, Air, Space, and Cyber Platforms, Systems, and Technologies, MAST provides unmatched information, debates and networking opportunities, trusted and acted upon by Services, Government, Research & Technology, and Defence Industry worldwide leaders. Guided by an Executive Advisers Board, Technical Conference Committee and Exhibition Steering Group, MAST’s events serve the diverse and evolving needs of their participant visitors, exhibitors, sponsors, delegates, authors and VIPs. Additionally, for its Japanese events, MAST Communications’ subsidiary Japan Defence KK supports a Tokyo-based team including MAST Asia Chairman, former Defence Minister, and current Policy advisor to the Japanese Defence Minister, Professor Satoshi Morimoto. Focused primarily on Naval (Undersea, Surface, Air, and Cyber) Platforms, Systems, and Technologies, MAST facilitates unique information exchange at a senior level amongst operators, technologists and political influencers alike. MAST’s long-standing global community reaches some 21,000 members.

28 - 30 November Japan International Aerospace Exhibition 2018 TOKYO (JA2018 TOKYO)


Organizers The Society of Japanese Aerospace Companies (SJAC)/Tokyo Big Sight Inc. Special Cooperation Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TBD) Supporting Organization Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry/Cabinet Office Executive Office of Strategic Headquarters for Space Policy/Ministry of Defense and the other ministries Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)/Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) and the other related associations Foreign Embassies (TBD) Number of Visitors 20,000 (Expectation)

29 November

Marine Infantry Day

December 2018

03 - 05 December EDEX 2018, Egypt International Exhibition Centre, New Cairo, Egypt


With over 1.3 million military personnel, as the largest military power in Africa and one of the leading forces worldwide, Egypt is the ideal setting for a large-scale event for the sector. In addition, Egypt has historically maintained continuous investment in the latest weaponry as a defence strategy and has strengthened national production lines across a range of military complexes. The inaugural EDEX is fully supported by Egyptian Armed Forces and presents a brand new opportunity for exhibitors to showcase the latest technology, equipment and systems across land, sea, and air. EDEX 2018 - THE FACTS ◾Held under the patronage of His Excellency, President Abdel Fattah El Sisi, The President of The Arab Republic of Egypt and The Supreme Commander of the Egyptian Armed Forces ◾Held at Egypt International Exhibition Centre, a brand new venue in Cairo. ◾300+ exhibitors showcasing the latest technology, equipment and systems across land, sea and air ◾10,000+ industry visitors expected to attend ◾Fully-hosted international military VIP Delegation Programme

10 - 11 December

General Assembly, Intergovernmental conference to adopt a global compact for safe, orderly and regular migration, New York

13 - 14 December

European Council, Bruxelles

14 December

Direct Operations Day

15 December

National Military Circle Day

27 December

Psycological Operations Centre Day