Event Calendar

January 2019

17 - 18 January EU Defence Political Directors Meeting


Defense -Type of reunion Technical meeting at senior official level

21 - 24 January International Armored Vehicles 2019, London, United Kingdom


Over 650 armoured vehicles professionals – including over 250 industry experts and 400 military leaders - will gather for what is The World’s Largest Dedicated Armoured Vehicles Conference. Reflecting on the eighteen years since our first amoured vehicles event in 2001, we’ve seen the rapid evolution of land power doctrine. 2001 was the start of an extended period of counter-insurgency and counter-terror fighting, leading to the rapid acquisition of armoured vehicles, innovation in counter-IED technology and the proliferation of unmanned aerial systems. Now in 2018, we see the emergence of multi-domain concepts of operation, a reorientation towards high-end peer conflict and the aggressive pursuit of disruptive technologies in AI and Robotics, which are sure to revolutionise and re-energise debate within the land forces community – not least, the armoured vehicles market. International Armoured Vehicles is the foremost annual meeting that drives this debate – providing a comprehensive dialogue on everything armoured vehicle related from the geostrategic issues shaping doctrine, to the challenges of MRO, lifecycle management and active procurement programmes, through to the next generation of ‘optionally manned’ combat vehicles. Put simply, over four days, military practitioners, research & development leaders, acquistion specialists and partners from industry will meet to discuss the full range of emerging technologies and changing CONOPS impacting the sector, and how to prepare for challenges to 2035 and beyond.

29 - 31 January Surface Warships conference, 2019, London, UK


The Surface Warships conference has become established as the premier meeting ground for the higher naval commands of the nato alliance and partner states, attracting over 150 senior officials including navy commanders, directors of materiel, heads of strategic programs, capability planners, shipyard directors, as well as leading solution providers. Over the course of 3 days, the event will address the themes now, tomorrow, and the future, focusing on operational requirements for current operations, anticipated platform modernisation, and integration of disruptive technologies for future surface warships. The conference will allow the exchange of knowledge in the field of ship design, construction, and operations across the entire spectrum of surface warships – identifying solutions for modernising capabilities and enhancing interoperability to maintain maritime superiority against near-peer opponents and asymmetric threats.

29 - 31 January CDANS - Cyber Defense and Network Security 2019, London, UK


Securing the distributed network The role of the cyber defender has changed substantially in recent years. As the developed world becomes increasingly connected through cyber channels, new vulnerabilities are uncovered and exploited at previously unseen rates. With the threat apparent, cyber operators from military and government are now faced by a new question: Who, not what, will be targeted by hostile cyber operators?

31 January - 01 February 12th annual Mobile Deployable Communications Conference, Warsaw, Poland


As data requirements for the modern warfighter continue to grow, there is a clear and present need to analyse the flexibility, interoperability and resilience of CIS systems among allied forces. With additional importance in the face of continued operations within asymmetrical and hybrid conflict zones - as well as near peer adversaries exploiting new electronic warfare technologies - the need to achieve secure communications has never been greater. With over 120+ attendees, 7 hours of networking and an extensive exhibition space - Mobile Deployable Communications remains the key calendar date for anyone within the radio, LTE and ground segment community.

February 2019

01 February The Day of Military Intendance


The Intendance was established through the High Order of the Day, no. 29, issued on February 1, 1861. It was the start to form the body of officers of military intendance, headed by the General Intendant (Brigade General), subordinated to the Minister of War.

04 - 05 February 3rd annual Network Centric Warfare conference, Rome, Italy


As the 21st Century battlefield becomes increasingly complex and asymmetrical, military forces are striving to harness network technology to gain an operational advantage, transforming traditional linear command structures by linking sensors, unmanned vehicles, command posts, and soldiers on the ground. Network Centric Warfare allows for greater information sharing and streamlined decision-making, enhancing operational effectiveness. Robust and dynamic networks are therefore now a crucial requirement for successful joint operations, and are essential to modern military capabilities. This conference will bring together Network Centric Warfare planners, practitioners, and experts for invaluable insight and discussion of an increasingly important topic in the world of defence.

05 - 07 February The International Military Helicopter conference 2019, London, UK


Shaping Future Rotary Requirements to Respond to Tomorrow's Threats 2019 will be a timely opportunity for the military community to meet and discuss the strategic vision for the future of rotary assets within our armed forces and its role in the battlespace of tomorrow. This year, our community meets to define the threats of the future, understanding the need to develop capabilities to counter the growing electronic warfare threat, increasing surviability and assessing the operational requirements of platforms across all domains. Over the past seventeen years, The International Military Helicopter conference has built a reputation as a vital strategic forum for senior leaders of the global military helicopter community, welcoming commanders, service chiefs and programme directors from around the world to discuss major procurement programmes, share doctrine and methods, and to learn about emerging technologies in the sector. We look forward to welcoming you in February, as we look to deliver the platform for army, air and naval commanders look to confront both asymmetric and near-peer threats on land and at sea,

06 - 07 February the 4th annual Maritime Reconnaissance and Surveillance Technology conference, Rome, Italy


Reconnaissance and Surveillance are key to developing clear and accurate maritime situational awareness. In order to maximise their ISR range, Navies and Maritime agencies around the globe are looking beyond the atmosphere to provide new and advanced surveillance capabilities. Space-based surveillance systems are providing users with up-to-date information from both a signal tracking and data imagery point of view, allowing for the monitoring of shipping routes, fishing grounds, environmental issues and illegal activities. However, not all nations can afford to launch and run dedicated surveillance satellite systems and focus on conventional platforms to fulfil their maritime ISR requirements. Therefore, an international approach is needed to allow Maritime authorities and Navies to monitor the world’s oceans and share relevant up-to-date information correctly.

12 - 13 February 12th Annual Border Security Conference


With the migrant crisis ongoing in the Mediterranean, issues emerging surrounding the return of foreign fighters and the ever-present threat of cross border criminality, Border Security stands at the forefront of planning for countries and international organisations. Border Security 2019 will cover the most pertinent topics in the industry today and will feature high level briefings delivered by senior experts from many nations around the world.

23 February The Day of Military Hydrographers


The Service of Military Hydrographers was established in February 23, 1926.

28 February The Day of Civil Protection


On February 28, 1933 through the Royal High Decree, a new branch was established: Passive Defence.

March 2019

01 March The Day of Military Motorists


King Ferdinand I, through the High Decree no. 245, on March 1, 1917 they established the Regiment of Automobile Traction, marking the beginning of the process of reorganization of automobile formations within the Romanian armed forces and the beginning of a new auto service.

05 - 07 March The 5th Annual Global SOF Symposium, Tampa Bay, Florida


U.S. and international special operations leaders will gather on March 5-7, 2019 for an exclusive event to focus on strategic security issues, innovation, and relationship-building. Save the date. A full agenda featuring international thought leaders, technical experts, and transition education will provide attendees with a unique experience Attendees include: active duty and retired military and police, government civilians, industry, academia, journalists, and non-governmental organizations Previous year’s event attracted 450 attendees from 27 nations Learn more below.

05 - 07 March Land Forces Training Conference, London, UK


Land Forces Training: The Link Between Doctrine, Technology and the Needs of the Future Warfighter As land power doctrine re-orientates towards multi-domain operations there is a need to invest in new training capabilities that will develop adaptive and innovative soldiers, capable of fighting against skilled enemies and winning in complex, changing battlespaces. This change is part of a broader strategic modernisation initiative reshaping army thinking today, driven largely by two key factors: technology and a vision of the future operating environment. The inaugural Land Forces Training conference will fuse the best of industry with eclectic sources of military expertise to build meaningful consensus across coalitions and industry partnerships on the training needs of the future warfighter - providing a forum for discussion on what skills will be required to fight and win in 2050.

06 - 07 March The 10th International Black Sea Symposium on “The Black Sea – Silk Road corridor: Building bridges of cooperation”


The International Centre for Black Sea Studies (ICBSS) launched the International Black Sea Symposium project in the context of a need for transnational cooperation in the wider Black Sea region. Now, in its tenth year, the International Black Sea Symposium (IBSS) builds on the success and positive impact of its previous editions to bring together the next generation of stakeholders with an interest in the Black Sea area, focusing on the pivotal role of the Black Sea region along the modern Silk Road route.

12 - 14 March Military Radar Summit 2019, Washington DC


With increasing hostility and changing international relationships occurring globally, there is a clear need to substantially increasing our detection capabilities of foreign assets great and small. With threats like UAV’s becoming increasingly difficult to detect, due to their slow travel and small characteristics, advancing radar technology is critical. Every second counts!. With this in mind, the US Armed Forces’ leading military radar operations and acquisition experts have been tasked with improving small target detection, SWAP-C, resiliency to electronic warfare, interference management, modular upgrades, and autonomous radar assets. In order to accomplish this, the military has put out a number of significant RFPs and requirements. It will take a seamless collaboration of the top agencies, OEMs, military branches, and contractors to achieve these goals. GOVERNMENT AND ACTIVE MILITARY ATTEND FOR FREE Military Radar Summit 2019 brings together the key stakeholders to learn, share and connect on radar resiliency, catch up to foreign developments, implement the newest scientific capabilities, overcome functional challenges, and upgrade your existing resources.

12 - 14 March Counter UAS 2019 Conference, Washington DC


Small UAS systems have been proliferating at an accelerating speed and they are having an impact in all parts of our lives. Their uses span from commercial, military, hobbyist, farming, logistics and much more. With this expansive growth come new and emerging threats. UAS have proven to be useful weapons on the battlefield where they can be used for reconnaissance and to cause harm. But domestic agencies have had a rising cause for concern because terrorist organizations, narco gangs, organized crime and other domestic groups have started to use UAS for nefarious causes. In this year’s conference we will be focusing on CUAS challenges & solutions for both military and domestic agencies. Counter UAS 2018 was a resounding success in this new space thanks in big part to our reputable speaker faculty, sponsors, and 200+ attendees from the industry, all branches of the military and domestic security agencies. For Counter UAS 2019 we have planned on building on that success by putting together a robust program with high caliber speakers and decision makers. The biggest key to the success of the conference will be our attendees, our partners and the connections we all make in pursuit of a singular goal, identifying and providing the most innovative and cutting edgy CUAS solutions to the government, military and warfighters. This year’s summit will cover topics including: Military's Counter-UAS acquisition goals Countering drone swarms Defending against autonomous UAS DOJ and DHS CUAS strategies and policies Protecting critical infrastructure from UAS DOJ and DHS CUAS acquisition priorities Countering UAS attacks by terrorists Military's Counter-UAS requirements Mounted C-UAS weapon systems Directed energy weapons

12 - 14 March International Airborne ISR & C2 Battle Management conference, London, UK


Now in its sixth year, the international Airborne ISR & C2 Battle Management conference has built a strong reputation among leaders from the Air and Intelligence communities who recognize the need to strengthen partnerships, share strategic objectives and build trust and understanding in an effort to enhance global intelligence and command and control infrastructures across the air, space and cyber domains. Building on the success of our 2018 event, which brought together over 200 delegates to discuss the concepts of global reach and deterrence, next year’s conference will be themed around decision advantage for the full spectrum of conflict, with emphasis on the changing nature of the ‘OODA Loop’ in a time of emerging disruptive technologies and the adoption of multi-domain concepts of operation. This theme has the potential to address some significant gaps in understanding between government and industry and across global alliances about the future of C2ISR as we plan for the full spectrum of operational environments and high-end, peer conflict.

April 2019

07 April NATO Day


NATO Day was established by Law 390 of September 28, 2004, as a holiday dedicated to democracy and the European and Euro-Atlantic spirit.

16 - 18 April Counter UAS - Europe, London, UK


Defining solutions to the emergent UAS threat Counter UAS 2019 addresses the key questions being asked by joint forces about the nature of the growing UAS threat and the appropriate tactics, techniques, technologies and procedures to counter it. The UAS industry has grown considerably in recent years and our ability to counter these new threats is becoming more strained. These rapidly developing systems are becoming harder to identify and track, as well as being capable of carrying larger payloads. Their potential is devastating and the consequences of inaction are growing larger. The recent incident at London Gatwick Airport has also highlighted the role the military has to play in supporting civilian organisations during crises until more effective Counter-UAS capabilities are procured by civilian operators of Critical National Infrastructure. Dealing with threats at home or abroad, in the capacity of Military Assistance to a Civilian Authority (MACA) or purely military action require new approaches and solutions in order to meet the challenges facing C-UAS specialists. The third annual C-UAS Conference provides a platform for military and industry to discuss the current developments in C-UAS capabilities, emerging technologies and the latest case studies to give real-world context to the conceptual and theoretical discussions. The proliferation of inexpensive commercial UAS democratises capabilities previously held by militaries, and enhances asymmetric threats.

23 April The Day of the Land Forces


The Day of the Land Forces, the day of the Orthodox celebration of Saint George;

25 April The Day of Military Justice


The Legal Service of the War Minister issued the Decree-law no. 1625/1919, representing the birth of the specialized structure of legal assistance for the armed forces.

29 April The Day of War Veterans


The Day of War Veterans was established by Government Decision No. 1222/2007 to be celebrated anually on April 29, in honor of all Romanian troops that fought and paid with their lives for the defence of independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Romania during the two world wars.

30 April The Day of the Infantry


According to the Adrianople Treaty, between Russia and Turkey, the Romanian Countries get their right to organize “a number of armed guards” i.e. their own military power; on April 30, 1830 they decided to form six Infantry Battalions and six Horse Squadrons, in Walachia. These forces ment the creation of 3 joint Regiments: one in Bucharest, one in Ploiesti and one in Craiova. In Moldavia they formed an Infantry Battalion and a Cavalry Squadron forming the first joint Regiment, in Iasi garrison.

May 2019

15 May The Day of the CBRN Troops


By the Ministerial Decision no. 297/May 15, 1923, was established the Committee for Technical Issues on the Chemical War within the Ministry of War. The name of the structure was changed in Section VI of Combat Gas (September 1923), the Service of Defence against the Combat Gas (1925), the Chemical Service Directorate (1931).

15 May The Day of the Military Police


According to the Defence Minister’s Order, on May 15, 1990 the Military Police units and sub-units were established within the Romanian armed forces.

29 - 31 May Intelligence Analytics Summit 2019, Washington DC


The increase for artificial intelligence, machine learning and automation is prevalent and relevant in the Intelligence Community. The 2019 Intelligence Analytics Summit will focus on key areas within this space, covering topics related to: Real time Analytics Operationalizing Big Data Verifying and Validating Critical Masses of Information Defining Risks of Severe External Threats Leveraging Automation to Shift to Actionable Intelligence OSINT tools to help analyze information more effectively Intelligence Analytics brings together thought leaders to discuss challenges and solutions within the Intelligence Community and the direction forward. At our 2018 summit, we learned from the U.S. Army, NSA, CIA, IARPA, DARPA and ODNI about opportunities to strengthen forecasting through emerging advances in analytics, Analyzing key figures and organizations that pose threats to the US, and Leading the IC’s efforts to enhance returns on investments in technology & facilities.

31 May The Day of Military Engineers


On May 31, 1859, Alexandru Ioan Cuza approved the Report no. 1902 of the Moldavian Government for "the establishment and maintenance of an Engineering Battalion necessary for the establishment of public works”. It is the birth day for the first Engineering unit within the Romanian armed forces

31 May Day of the Reservist


The Day of the Reservist was established through Romanian Government Decision No. 467 of May 2010. As provided by this decision, public institutions of the defence, public order and national security system can support, in compliance with the laws in force, the events organized at this date.

June 2019

10 June The Day of the Military Paratroopers


On June 10, 1941 by the Order D.M. 93/1941 the first Paratroopers sub-unit was established – the Company of Special Missions– commanded by Lieutenant Stefan Soverth.

18 June The Day of the Military Builders


On June 18, 1920 they established the Directorate of Buildings and Military Domains.

26 June The Day of the National Flag


The National Flag Day was established by Law No. 96/1998, to be held annually on June 26. The Ministry of National Defence and the Ministry of the Interior organize military ceremonies in units across the country while public authorities and other civil institutions celebrate the day through various festive activities.

July 2019

01 July The Day of the Military Bands


As provided by the “Organic regulations” of 1/13 July 1831, “musician soldiers” (a band comprising 1 drum, 24 musicians and 8 drummers) became part of and started their service in the Permanent National Army.

14 July The Day of the Military Communications


On July 14, 1873 was established the first Communications sub-unit – the Telegraphy Section, marking the beginning of the Military Communications

20 July Air Force Day


The Day of Aviation and the Air Force, the Orthodox celebration of Saint Elijah the Thunderer.

23 July The Day of the Military Press


The first issue of the “Observatorul militar” weekly appeared on July 23, 1859.

25 July The Day of the Radiolocation


By the National Defence Minister’s Order of July 25, 1955 the Radio-Technical Troops was established.

26 July The Day of the Military Archives


On July 26, 1920 by Order no. 4 of the General Staff, the Archives of the 6th History Section of the General Staff was established.

29 July The Day of the National Anthem


The Day of the National Anthem was established by Law No. 99/1998 to be celebrated every year on July 29.

August 2019

01 August The Day of the Tank Troops


In 1919 the first Tank unit was established.

15 August The Day of the Naval Force


The Day of the Naval Force, the day of the Orthodox celebration of Saint Mary. On October 9, 1862, the 1 st Direction of Personnel and Military Operations organized on two divisions was established through the High Decree of King Alexandru Ioan Cuza.

21 August The Military Medicine Day


On August 21, 1862 by the High Decree no. 4629 the Corps of Medical Officers was established within the armed forces, thus the Military Medicine being certified as the specialized service.

21 - 23 August The 2019 Modern Warfare Symposium&Expo, Fort Bragg, NC


The 2019 Modern Warfare Symposium will take place in November 2019 at the Iron Mike Conference Center in Ft. Bragg, NC. The inaugural Global SOF Foundation (GSF) Modern Warfare Symposium and Expo brought our special operations forces (SOF) community to Ft. Bragg from August 21-23, 2018. We had nearly 450 attendees check in, and over 40% were military or government representatives. Co-sponsored by the U.S. Army Special Operations Forces Command (USASOC), the purpose of this event was to convene subject matter experts, SOF, conventional units, and academia to both educate and connect through discussion about the future of modern warfare from a SOF perspective. Highlights were: Attendees included subject matter experts, Army SOF, conventional units, industry, and academia Brought together nearly 450 attendees from 17 countries The third day of the Symposium featured a SOF for Life Seminar, aimed at SOF and SOF support who are transitioning or recently transitioned from Active Duty Modern Warfare Expo This Exhibit-Hall focused event took place in conjunction with the Symposium, and offered 30+ exhibits from companies with capabilities that are needed by Army SOF.

September 2019

01 September The Day of the Military Information Technology


On September 1, 1963 by the Order of the General Staff, the Group of Automatics within the Procurement General Directorate was established – the first body with attributions of conception, coordination and endowment in military Informatics and Automation.

19 September Day of Artillery and Anti-Air Missile


On September 19, 1916 the first Anti-Air Artillery sub-unit was established in Bucharest.

October 2019

01 October The Day of the Military Divers


On October 1, 1976 the Center of Divers was established in Constanta – the first divers unit.

01 - 03 October Global SOF Symposium Europe - Belgium, Brussels


The Global SOF Symposium - Belgium will be the 4th Global Special Operations Forces (SOF) Foundation event in Europe. The previous year's event in Madrid, Spain, brought in 400+ attendees from 30 Nations. Symposium Highlights A packed agenda that includes high-ranking speakers and extensive networking opportunities Exhibit and sponsorship opportunities for industry partners Attendees include: active duty and retired military and police, government civilians, industry, academia, journalists, and non-governmental organizations

November 2019

03 November The Day of the Mountain Troops


By Order M.C.G.R. no. 294 of November 3/16, 1916 the Skiing Military School – Bucharest was transformed in the Mountain Corps (commanded by Captain Virgil Badulescu). “The Mountain Troops mainly had missions of reconnaissance, security and liaison and they also had to function as a tactical unit, especially in the Carpathian passes”.

10 November The Day of the Artillery


In 1843, Prince Gheorghe Bibescu returning from a trip to Istanbul brought 4 guns of 80 mm, a present from the Turkish Sultan as a sign of appreciation, “in order to preserve the order and peace of the people”. On November 10, 1943 the first Artillery Battery within the Romanian forces was created by Order no. 198 .

11 November The Veterans` Day


Veterans’ Day was established by Law No. 150 of 22.10.2014, modifying and completing OUG No. 82/2006 for the acknowledgement of the merits of military personnel participating in military actions and providing them and their descendants certain rights. November 11 is a day chosen for its significance, the day the armistice was signed between the Allies of World War I and Germany to end World War 1 and create the premises of the Great Union in Romania, on December 1, 1918. This way, Romania joined Australia, Canada and the Unites States of America as well as other states of Europe in showing its gratitude for the soldiers who returned from missions and commemorate its heroes on November 11.

12 November The Day of the Reconnaissance Troops


By Order of the Day no. 83 of November 12/14, 1859 Ruler Alexandru Ioan Cuza signed the document concerning the establishment of the 2nd Section within the Corps of the General Staff, as the first organized element of the Romanian Reconnaissance branch.

12 November The Day of Military Geodesy


In 1859 the Military Topographic Service was established.

16 November The Day of the Military Trasportation


On November 16, 1880 when the 2nd Engineering Battalion was established (High Decree no. 2550) a Railway Company, the first sub-units in the Romanian armed forces were also established.

December 2019

15 December The Day of the National Military Club


The National Military Club is one of the oldest Romanian military institutions, as old as the independence of the country. On December 15, 1876, on the eve of the independence war of 1877-1878, in full Eastern crisis that would result in major changes in the configuration of South-Eastern Europe, the general assembly of the officers in Bucharest, the largest in the country, decided to adopt the statutes that would become the birth certificate of the National Military Club.