03 October 2019

DSM Conference | Adrian Sarbu: Let's talk about national security/ We even gave up history many times

Petriana Condrut

Bucharest (Mediafax)-Adrian Sarbu, the Mediafax Group director, talked, on Thursday, at the Conference on security topics, organized by the Defence and Security Monitor, about the necessity to define some principles related to security and transiting the discussion, now, before the elections, from a tabloid space to a fundamental one.

Image source: Mediafax

“For 30 years, we have witnessed the best time of Romania. We had luck, whether God has helped us, or we did it, it is a reality. And this reality can only be measured through a fundamental change from an unusual society, to a normal one, let’s call it, liberal democray, we are not afraid to call it that way, of a market economy and values we think are natural. Through our work and the contributions of our leaders, we are facing an economic and security context which is unpreceded for us, as an EU and NATO member state nation.”

“We succeeded in many fields- we have properties, businesses, liberty and, maybe the most important thing, things we have managed to build by ourselves. We also received a lot, the Romanian nation is used to receiving, it wants such situations, let’s say…objective ones. But we also gave up many things: 5 million Romanian people, who could not find their places anymore in Romania, maybe they should have, we gave up the capital we could not or maybe we did not knew how to transform it into an economic climate. We even gave up history many times, being pleased and busy with the present, alike the entire Western society, but we did not gave up on us. We are concerned with us, as people, as people who have built something, who have families, who, even if we do not think of it every day, we find it normal to believe in a better future for us and our children. We gave up thinking to security, we gave up thinking that everything we have built must be defended and by simply talking about a defence policy as we do it here, in Romania, is not the most appropriate thing. We must discus about the concept, which, unfortunately, has also many negative emotional connotations- national security”, has stated Adrian Sarbu, the director of Mediafax  Group, which also owns the Defence Monitor.

“This is what we would like to talk about today. This is just the next phase of a process that we have started a year and a half ago, when we have launched the Defence and Security Monitor, it is the continuation of the conference we had on the same place. We must ask ourselves how we should redefine the security strategy. How should the security strategy be communicated, perceived, assumed by each citizen, in order to get to an ideal place wherein to build peace, to build an economy, a national identity. We want to build it, but not to be destroyed then, abandoned and not to make generations ready to give up our fundamental values”, also stated Adrian Sarbu.

“We hope to define some principles for Romania’s national security. Not just because this event was scheduled close to the electoral campaign for the presidential run, which, according to the Constitution, is the main guarantor of national security. But because what we are going to discuss here will be a useful material to get the future debates, to be held in the following 6 weeks, from a tabloid space to a fundamental one”, added Adrian Sarbu.

The Defence and Security Monitor organizes on Thursday, at the Marriott Hotel in Bucharest, the Conference on “The national security policy, from strategic thinking to the security and defence institutions”, a debate forum with important guests from Romania and abroad. Among the topics to be approached at the event, we have “the fundamental national interests and the threats against the national security”, “Romania’s capacity to provide national security” and the “national security concept of Romania” in an international context.

Starting from the idea that “national security is nation’s most important value”, the participants at the conference, among them also dr. Thomas-Durell Young, the Israeli General (r) Itai Brun, the Polish General (r) Jaroslaw Strozyk, will analyze the significances of the national security concept within the transformations of the international system, especially in the Euro-Atlantic space.

Conference’s objectives are related to understanding the importance of national defence and security by Romania’s citizens, from understanding the role of the institutions to the transparency of using state funds, to involving citizens in the strategic decisions and identifying nation’s objectives and solutions of the future National Defence Strategy.