15 July 2021

A US military helicopter landed in Charles de Gaulle Square, on the road, taking down two lampposts

Andreea Soare

A US helicopter had an emergency landing in north of Bucharest, in Charles de Gaulles Square, exactly on the road, where it took down two lampposts, says Digi24.

Image source: Facebook

The Black Hawk helicopter was part of the trainings for the Aviation Day, which will take place on July 20th.

The helicopter was seen by passengers how it was losing altitude and how it had a forced landing on one of capitals’s boulevards, Aviators Boulevard, in Charles de Gaulle Square.

The helicopter was filmed by passengers.

Source: Facebook

„The traffic was blocked in Charles de Gaulle Square. The reason: a helicopter which was part of a training drill forcibly landed in Charles de Gaulle Square”, wrote someone on Facebook, also posting a video with the helicopter.