20 May 2019

A new concept

Monitorul Apărării şi Securităţii

Image source: Mediafax

A new concept

We are currently facing a global situation that has many dilemmas and unseen strategies we must approach: how did the Romanian presidency of the EU Council go, which are the perspectives on Western Balkans’ migration or what shall we do with our national defence budgets? These are just some of the subjects we have addressed in this edition.

Maybe you have already noticed that this fourth issue relaunches magazine’s image. Separating the Romanian and English versions, to be easily read, is extremely important as it shows, once more, that we care about our readers’ need to have clear and concise information. All the more important is that our collaborators’ analyses are, starting with this issue, even more valuable than the previous ones.

Starting now, the printed analyses will be nowhere else online. You will be able to re-read the magazine only by buying and keeping it, as it will no longer be available to the general audience.

With their great military experience and impressive carriers in the Defence field, Defence and Security Monitor’s authors are offering you all the information you need to see nowadays security with different eyes, to create, peace by peace, the whole picture about national and international strategies. You now have in your hands a magazine that brings you rare geopolitical and analytical resources. 

There are also some exceptions- some materials that were already published on our website, which will be partially presented in this issue. That is only because our team of experts decided that these are extremely important given the current security context, ready to give our readers a new, precious perspective over a national or global interest situation which is majorly influencing us.

Alina Miron, Coordinating Editor