08 August 2018

A Defence Minister for Erdogan’s peace

Laurenţiu Sfinteş

A degree in International Diplomacy at Queen’s University, Belfast, Great Britain. His first mandate on a NATO position was as an informational officer. He led the main educational military institutions in Turkey. He led a brigade, army forces, terrestrial forces and, of course, the Turkish army. Under its direct subordination took place the two successful Turkish operation in Syria: Euphrates Shield (2016) and Olive Branch (2018). Since 9 of July, 2018, he is the first Turkey’s Defence Minister, keeping its four stars general rank, in the first government directly led by president Erdogan. His name: Hulusi Akar.

Image source: HEPTA

Dressed in training uniform, the two men supervise the troops and participate at the briefing of Olive Brunch Operation, organized in Hatay’s district headquarters, at the border with Syria. It is the winter of 2018, and the president needs to be sure that the operation will be a success. Across the border is the Afrin Canton, inhabited by Kurdish people and defended by People’s Protection Units, YPG, an organization confirmed as terrorist by Ankara. YPG must be eliminated from this canton, Turkey wants to assert its control in the protection area from south border with Syria. After the purification between 2016 and 2017, which meant, according to Deutsche Welle, passing in reserve 7600 military soldiers, 3% from the total number of the Turkish army forces, most of them being specialists, technicians, units and big units’ commanders, the president wants to be sure not only of military’s force loyalty, but also its capacity to win this operation, which seems to be complicated. The one who gives him the awaited answer is General Halusi Akar, Major General Chief of State. The two men does not seem to need words to understand each other, but in Hatay’s headquarter a firm, decisional message is needed.

After two months and four days, the Afrin Canton is fully under Turkish army’s forces control and the Syrian rebel group supported by Ankara.

After another 4 months, general Akar becomes the new defence minister in the government led by the reelected president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, all at once with coming into force the new presidential powers. During complicated times, the ones to choose are, personalities with complicated destinies, sometimes contradictories. Who would have thought, in 1975, meeting on a street in Belfast, two young Turkish students, who were studying at Queen’s University, that one of them will become, after 32 years, Turkey’s president, and the other, during president’s mandate and with its approval, will be promoted to four stars general position. The name of the two men: Abdullah Gul- Turkey’s president between 2007-2014, and Hulusi Akar, ex colleagues in post university studies in International Diplomacy. And who would have thought, that no longer than this spring, at the beginning of the electoral campaign for parliament and presidential election in Turkey, the two will meet in a whole other context. General Akar, after three years of being Turkey’s Major General Chief of State, visited the ex-republic’s president[1] with the purpose of convincing him to give up his possible candidacy, which seemed at that moment a unifying solution of Turkish’s opposition. The purpose of the visit from 24th April was not confirmed, but Gul’s decision to not candidate anymore was made publicly on 28th of April, which is considered to be the direct result of that meeting. The general was the loyal messenger and, apparently, efficient of the one to win from the first tour the presidential elections and with whom he supervised Hatay’s headquarter of Olive Brunch Operation, president Erdogan.

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