24 July 2018

7 motives why the war in Syria should have ended yesterday

Laurenţiu Sfinteş

The war in Syria lasts already for too long and its consequences were felt not only in the country and the region, but also further, in Europe. Probably, by the end of this war, the situation will be as the one from the beginning of 2011, an authoritarian regime that will dominate the internal politic life, and an opposition, as big as this will be, that will want reforms. Meanwhile, 50% from the country’s population received the internal or external refugee status, with a generation of kids and teenagers that got blocked outside the schools desks, and 400.000 died just to witness the time of changes coming back to the same hour. There are a lot of arguments suggesting that the wise solution is stopping the conflict. Today. Even better, yesterday. Or at least tomorrow. Unfortunately, the regional realities, the external influences, the internal disagreements, all of these postpone, push away such a conflict resolution.

Image source: Mediafax

Slowly, methodically, measuring carefully its forces and operations, the Damascus regime takes the control over the rebel enclave from south and east the country. With Russia assuring the aerial support of the land operations, or playing the mediating role to convince the rebel administration to rise up the white flag, thus avoiding the effects of an massive assault, the Syrian governmental forces are concentrating, in this period, on taking under control of Daraa’s governorate territory, [...]

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